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The WBAC is committed to ensuring that a high standard of horse health and welfare is maintained for all horses participating in the WBSR.


The health and welfare of a horse taking part in the WBSR is the responsibility of the rider / owner. All horses participating in the WBSR should be deemed fit and well prior to arrival on the trail by the rider / owner.


The WBSR information (including trail conditions, trail distances, terrain and infrastructure) is detailed on the Total Trails website and enables riders to assess their capability and the

fitness of their horse, against the distance and terrain of the WBSR and provides them with notice on provisioning for both themselves and their horse.


Public Information:

Signs of normal health should be evident for all horses when at rest, in reference to the following:

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.38.28 am.png

Should a horse be outside of normal parameters whilst arriving or participating in the WBSR the rider / owner should retire from the trail and ensure appropriate treatment is provided, i.e., first aid treatment or a vet is a more thorough diagnosis is required.


Death of a horse:

If during their participation in the WBSR a horse does or is seriously injured, either causing death or the need to be euthanised, it is responsibility of the owner / rider to decide how to proceed under the guidance of a vet, either on site or via remote instruction if practicable.


If a trained vet is unable to attend the site within a reasonable interval of time, it is recommended that the most practical humane solution should be sought utilising the available resources on site. The WBAC will assist, where possible, the horse owner to remove the deceased horse.

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