Beedelup National Park


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Beedelup Falls is situated in the Beedelup National Park 22 km west of Pemberton on the Vasse Highway. Beedelup NP was named after Beedelup Brook, which has been shown on local plans since 1875. It is likely to be derived from the Nyoongar Aboriginal word beedja meaning sleep, so beedjalup would mean place of rest.

Beedelup Falls is where the Beedelup Brook flows for 100 metres over steep granite rocks. The falls are in full flow during winter and spring, but can be viewed all year round along the walk trails and boardwalks.


The understory of this area is lush, and the atmosphere damp and often misty, because of the abundance of water.


There are several bush walking trails leading off Beedelup Falls and take you to the Walk-Through Tree, Karri Valley Resort and around Lake Beedelup.


A suspension leads across Beedelup Brook on the 300 m trail around the falls. It is a great vantage point to view the falls.

Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls
Beedelup Falls

4.5 km

Beedelup Falls loop

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