The Big Brook Dam is one of the most picturesque places in karri country an provides a great setting for a family outing. Built in 1986 to supplement Pemberton town and the Hatchery water supplies, Big Brook Dam now provides a fantastic opportunity for recreational activities. An easy 3.5 km sealed trail circles the dam and is suitable for prams and wheelchairs. Another walk trail connects with the Big Brook Arboretum. There is great trount and marron fishing in season, and there is canoeing allowed on the water.


Surrounding Big Brook Dam, the Big Brook Forest has regenerated after logging in the 1920's. About 2000 ha of karri had been clearfelled when a spark from a steam locomotive started a wildfire. The remaining karri trees dropped their seed onto the ash bed from the fire and the resulting seedlings grew into the forest that surrounds the dam


Three kilometers from the Big Brook Dam is the Big Brook Arboretum. Different tree species from Australia and overseas were planted here in 1929 to study their growth and response to the local soil and climate so their potential plantation value could be determined. There are some massive Californian redwoods, such as the Sequoia pictured here, and other conifer species from around the world.


Bike riding

Toilets available

​Picnic tables available

Parking is available



The sealed 3.5km Big Brook Dam Track follows the shores of the dam and is ideal for cycling. It is flat so it's an easy ride, but do take care as it is shared with walkers.

3.5 km