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Sue's Bridge

The Blackwood River is one of the longest permanent rivers in Western Australia. The river was named by Governor James Sterling at its mouth in 1830 after Vice Admiral Sir Henry Blackwood. Stirling was a Midshipman in the Royal Navy, when 1809, he was transferred to the "Warpite" under Captain Henry Blackwood and he received his first commission whilst serving under Blackwood.

Sue's Bridge was built in 1966. It is the tallest timber bridge in the south west, at 17.5m. Prior to the bridge being built there was a ford crossing. Sue's Road and Sue's Bridge are named after Suzette Morrison, wife of Forestry Officer Ian Morrison, who was in charge of the roads put in for timber assessment and logging in the 1950's.

Sue's Bridge camping grounds and canoe launching facilities are located in the Blackwood National Park on the banks of the Blackwood River, about 46 km south-west of Nannup. 



Parking is available


Toilets available


Picinic tables available


Dogs are allowed as long as they are on leads


Fishing is allowed with a permit

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