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The South West of Western Australia is considered a high rainfall area and therefore has many rivers that make for great canoeing and kayaking opportunities.  In between the towns of Boyup Brook, Bridgetown and Nannup is the Blackwood River. Bridgetown is the start of the annual "Geegelup Cup" which is part of the State Championships Down River.


This section of the Blackwood River is located to the east of Boyup Brook. Water flow is dependent on season and rainfall. Access points are Trigwell Bridge (Ualling Bridge) and Condinup Crossing. Much of the land either side of the river is privately owned.


The section from Condinup Crossing to Boyup Brook Flax Mill can be accessed at four different points: Condinup Crossing, Asplin Bridge, Three Bridges and Skeleton Bridge. There are camping grounds and facilities at the Boyup Brook Flax Mill.



This part of the Blackwood River was completed in three sections: Stage 3 - Boyup Brook Flax Mill to Jayes Crossing, Stage 4 - Jayes Crossing to Winnejup Reserve and Stage 5 Winnejup Reserve to Bridgetown. There are several access points such as Terry Road, Jayes Crossing, Lodge Road, Winnejup Reserve, Sunnyside, Evans Road Bridge, Nairnup Crossing and Bridgetown.


There are several dangerous locations such as the Terry Road access point and Winnejup Rapids. These should be approached with caution. Winnejup Rapids are classified as a grade 3 rapid.



This part of the Blackwood River was completed in 4 sections: Bridgetown to Rocky Bluff (Section 6), Rocky Bluff to Maranup Bridge (Section 7), Maranup Bridge to Wrights Bridge (Section 8), Wrights Bridge to Nannup (Section 9).

These sections of the Blackwood River amble along some of the most picturesque scenery of the South West.


During winter there are many long flowing pools as well as some rapids. There are public accesses points points along the way such as Wrights Bridge, Maidment Bridge and Revelly Bridge. Planning is essential for canoeists as weather conditions have great impact on water levels of the river.

There also some lovely picnic spots along the Blackwood the whole family can enjoy.


104_20201015_VILLAGES IN THE VALLEY_Bridgetown Blackwood River-web.jpg
104_20201015_VILLAGES IN THE VALLEY_Bridgetown Blackwood River-web.jpg
54_20201015_VILLAGES IN THE VALLEY_Bridgetown Blackwood River-web.jpg

Nannup can be used as a great starting point for paddling down the Blackwood River. This part of the river winds through beautiful Karri and Jarrah forest and some agricultural land to Sue's Bridge.


This part of the Blackwood was completed in three sections: Nannup to Six Mile Bridge (Section 10), Six Mile Bridge to Neville Hamilton's (Section 11) and Neville Hamilton's to Sue's Bridge (Section 12).

Sue's Bridge offers great  camping facilities and access to the river for canoeing and fishing.


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