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Bridgetown has long provided both a home and a haven to artists and creators of all types. Some of them have become well known, but there are talented and accomplished artists masquerading as shop-owners, hairdressers, mechanics, teachers, neighbours and the smiling faces you see along Hampton Street daily. The Bridgetown Art Trail was conceived with the goal of bringing the art created in our community to the public.

Existing art pieces have been joined by new installations, creating a trail of artworks along a four kilometre stretch of Bridgetown’s streets. This booklet is designed to aid trail-goers in finding, interpreting and enjoying the exhibits and contains information on each installation and its creator.

Several installations - Lifecycle, @ Home, Kaleidoscope and Francis - were initiated due to a generous bequest by Dr Henry Schapper. A renowned academic and author, Schapper introduced the field of Agricultural Economics to Western Australia and transformed the way farmers manage their farm.

 A former resident, Schapper left a generous bequest to Artsource for the development of public art in Bridgetown. In 2013, Artsource began the process to commission a number of artworks for the town which would reflect the community and the natural environment. Concepts for the pieces were drawn from the passion Dr Schapper held for the town and

surrounding countryside, sustainable farming, and the tight knit community he joined in his retirement from academic life. These pieces formed the basis of today’s art trail.

The Bridgetown Art Trail is a dynamic, ongoing project. New pieces will be added and the trail will continue to grow, reflecting the history and future of our evolving community as time goes on. The Art Trail was officially launched as part of Bridgetown’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 2018.

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