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Mandalay Beach

800 m 

Mandalay Beach is located in the far eastern end of the D'Entrecasteaux National Park. It takes its name form the Norwegian barque Mandalay wrecked in 1911 off the coast between Chatham Island and Long Point. The ship left Delegoa Bay, Africa, for Albany and as she sailed across the Southern Ocean off the coast of Western Australia a strong southernly gale swept the ship to shore. Captain Emile Tonnessen and his crew managed to keep the vessel clear of Chatham Island, only to be confronted by Long Point. Realising it would be impossible to round the point in the gail, the captain decided to beach the vessel.  All lives were saved and despite rough seas, the crew managed to get most of the provisions ashore.Members of the Thompson family found the crew and took them to their home at Tinglewood Lodge. At times part of the wreck emerge from the sand.


These days the beach is popular with fishermen and offers spectacular views of the Southern Ocean. Chatham Island looms out of the water 3 km off shore. This is one of the view sites around Walpole where you access the coast in a two-wheel drive vehicle.

Mount Pingeryup & Mount Burnett

1 km


The views from the Mount Pingerup lookout are truly spectacular, taking in Broke Inlet, the Southern Ocean across the D'Entrecasteaux National Park and Walpole Wilderness area. The 5 km return trail winds it way through a range of vegetation types such as a swamp, granite outcrops and tall karri forest. One can see a range of amazing wildflowers during spring such as Grevilleas and Pineapple Bushes as well as orchids once past the junction with the Bibbulmun Track.



One can hike from the parking area across a boardwalk over a creek through jarrah forest and to a lookout on top of a granite outcrop. Return to the parking area via a loop trail that passes through more and past some bull baksia and grass trees.


On the top of the lookout there are lichens growing on some of the rocks. Lichens are composite organisms consisting of fungus with a photosynthetic partner.

Broke Inlet

Broke Inlet is a long, shallow lagoon located only 36km west of Walpole in the D'Entrecasteaux National Park. The inlet is a huge 4800 ha which receives run off water from the surrounding 928 square kilometres. The main contributory is the Shannon River as well as the 1350 mm of rain in the area. The water is brackish, seldom more than half sea water salinity. Water levels can vary from two metres above mean sea level before the sand bar at the mouth of the inlet breaks, to one metre above sea level towards the end of summer.


This area is largely undeveloped except for a small settlement at the edge of the water called Camfield, which is Shire of Manjimup land tenure. There are some shacks which are mainly used as holiday homes.


This pristine area lends itself to fantastic fishing, canoeing and bush walking. However access around Broke Inlet is restricted to protect the estuarine buffer zone from erosion and further loss of declared rare flora that exist here. Please enjoy but protect this area.



​Toilets available

​​Picnic tables available at Mt Bernett & Mt Pingeryup

​Fishing available at Broke Inlet

​Parking is available

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