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In the Pemberton area is the Donnelly River. In winter when the waterways are fullest the more adventurous can go white water rafting. 


However in summer the family can paddle the calmer waters and spend hours exploring the unique surroundings.


At the nearby Donnelly River boat ramp you can launch your boat or canoe for a trip to the river mouth. It is a picturesque 12 km cruise to the mouth of the river.  Donnelly River Boat Cruises operate a relaxing and enjoyable cruise with great scenery. Try your luck with fishing or marroning along the river.



The Donnelly is an important part of the river system in the South West of Western Australia. It is a picturesque and tranquil waterway that is used for fishing, canoeing and boating. The mouth of the river closes over at times so that the water in the river builds up to higher levels. When the river has built up too much the sand bank at the mouth of the breaks and the river water flowers into the Southern Ocean. The water levels and currents of the Donnelly River can vary dramatically.


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