Dumpling Gully Forest
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New Zealand Gully Trail

7 Km

This walk begins and ends opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre at the Heritage Park on Blackwood Road, Greenbushes, and can be completed in either direction. The trail includes natural waterways, many heritage mining areas, old growth mixed forest, rehabilitation areas and the historic North Greenbushes town site. The New Zealand Gully Walk is marked by a triangular badge featuring a long necked turtle. A selection of interpretive signs are a feature of this walk. 

Look out for the trail information sign as the trail enters the Dumpling Gully Forest. Alongside the trail are a number of rock mull heaps, evidence of early mining in the area where horses and ropes were used to pull rocks out of soft rock workings. The largest and highest laterite rock mounds are at the North Greenbushes end of the Gully. The trail takes walkers past rehabilitation areas, mixed forest, sleeper boardwalks and a series of small lakes including White Lode Pool. A walk through the old settlement of North Greenbushes is of note as this is the site of the historic Greenbushes Railway Station (1898) and offers walkers a view of the Timber Mill across the railway lines. 




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