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Twin Karri Loop

400 m

This trail is a 400 metre loop just off the picnic spot. It features two huge Karri trees that are situated just next to each other. These trees would be at least 100 years old and their root systems are intertwined. A magnificent sight.

Marri Meander

3.5 km

The Marri Meander trail is a tranquil 3.5 km bush walk through Karri, Marri and Jarrah bush. During spring there area wildflowers galore. Rest a while in this charming hut along the trail.

Hollow Butt Picinic Spot

This area is of spectacular beauty and is only a short distance from Northcliffe. The Hollow Butt picnic spot is named after the huge Karri trunk which in which a person can stand. This tree is a testament to the resilience of the Karri species. The top branches broke of in a fierce storm, the trunk was charred during a controlled burn. However the Hollow Butt still survives and new branches are now growing.

Bardi Creek

The Bardi Creek Trail leaves from the back of the Northcliffe Pioneer Museum in the center of town. Follow the trails for 700m into Northcliffe Forest Park and you will find the enchanted Arcadia picnic spot in the middle of the forest. This trail is also part of the Bibbulmun Trail and one often meets walkers along the way.

Gardner Adventure Trail

The Gardner River Adventure Trail leaves from the Arcadia picnic spot and is a 1km challenging hike along the Gardner River. The River is names after George Gardner (1912- ) who had moved into the area in 1943. His passionate interest in theecology of the south west of Western Australia, particularly the flora, earned him the highest respect of professional botanists. He was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the environment and local communities.
The trail follows the contours of a hill and meanders along the river. If you look closely you may even see a marron in the tannin rich water.



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