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The Old Abattoir walk trail is 5.4km from Bridgetown centre on the Bridgetown Boyup Brook Road. The area has been extensively logged however is now protected by Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions as a Reserve. The abattoir was opened in 1942 by Maurice Glancy and was later sold to Roland Blechynden in 1968 however was closed in 1970. Historical remnants of the Old Abattoir can be seen along the trail. 

A combination of these three tracks enables walkers to join the shorter and longer tracks along the route. A directional map is located at the intersections to provide walkers with these options. 


The Wandoo Valley walk trail is 8.2km from Bridgetown centre. To access, drive along Winnejup Road and turn down the power line corridor, parking at entrance to Wandoo Walk. The area has been extensively logged however is now protected by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, as a reserve. The area is now a reforested environment with jarrah, marri, and wandoo trees. Other areas along the trail include low shrub clearings scattered with wildflowers. 

There are some examples of old jarrah and marri trees that were not logged due to their perceived poor quality timber and these now offer many tree hollows providing shelters and nesting sites for birds and possums. There are three loops along the Wandoo Walk. The orientation map at the commencement of the track highlights each of the loops. 


From Winnejup Rd trun right into Elwin Rd. Keep a look out for the Walk number 3 sign on your left hand side, park the car just beyond the sign. See below for map.


Drive up Bridgetown Boyup Brook Rd to Taylor Rd (on right just opposite Whittels Rd). Drive 0.9km down Taylors Rd a, park and follow the track alonside the farms.
Leave the trail at the end of the gravel pit and walk along its eastern boundary. Follow the signs to pick up the new trail to Break -O-Day Rd.

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