​Manjimup was named after the Noongar Aboriginal word "Manjin" (a broad-leafed edible reed) and "up" meaning meeting place. It was first settled in 1856 by timber-cutter Thomas Muir.

The Shire of Manjimup is the largest in the South West and the town of Manjimup has become a regional and commercial hub. Manjimup has many breathtaking walking and bush walking trails. For more information drop into the Manjimup Visitor Centre in Mottram Street. For a great site with lots of information about the area check out the Southern Forest web site.


Donnelly River Village to Pemberton | Distance: 100km

The Donnelly River remains a companion for much of this walk. Walkers pass through the historic areas of Donnelly Mill, One Tree Bridge and Chappels Bridge. All are now recreation sites. The fact that the river is a companion though doesn't mean that the walking is easy. Indeed this section has some of the toughest hills on the Track in one area. It is balanced though with riverside campsites, restful swimming holes and some of the best old-growth karri forest in the south west. Further south walkers come to the Beedelup Falls and Big Brook Dam as they approach Pemberton, a major Track town.

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Come and check out the townsite Manjimup People are so proud of!

Not afraid of heights? Then this is the trail for you! Take a climb up the old Diamond Tree.

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Come and take a look at the old One Tree Bridge that was originally constructed from "One tree". Or walk the 2 km trail from the bridge to the 4 Aces, a group of four karri trees that look like they were planted their by man!

King Jarrah is a massive Jarrah tree situated in the Perup Road Reserve that you are able to walk around on the 650 metre trail around, also has wheelchair access.

Take a look through the Lake Muir Observatory lookout after you have made the journey along the short 100 metre boardwalk.

Do you like bird watching? if so, then come observe all the different types of birds at Lake Unicup.

Do you know your history? Come take a wonder through all the historic buildings and learn about the heritage of Manjimup at our Heritage Park.

In 1912, the towns of Manjimup and Deanmill were joined by railway, come wonder the 12 km old railway trail that is now not in use.

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