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The Lake Muir Catchment is one of the first six biodiversity catchments in Western Australia, selected as high priority to control salinity. Known as Recovery Catchments they are identified under West Australian Salinity Action Plan, which is a State Government initiative to ensure that highly valued assets are protected from the threat of salinity. The project aims to conserve the biodiversity of nationally important wetlands from salinisation by involving the local community in rehabilitation works and conservation management.


Since the early 1960's the catchment has been cleared for grazing. More recently the establishment of timber plantations and horticulture is changing the landscape. The local community is working with government assistance to turn around the impact of salinity. This is done by: (a) protecting and planting native vegetation, (b) fencing to exclude stock, (c) management of ground and surface water by construction of shallow drains and graded banks and (d) planting deep rooted alternative crops such as salt tolerant trees.

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