Nannup has natural beauty, heritage and a proactive community. Situated about 280 km south of Perth the town is renowned for its beautiful gardens.
Nannup originates from the Noongar aboriginal language meaning "stopping place" or "place of parrots."
Thomas Turner first explored the area in 1834 and the town was gazetted in January 1890.

The Shire annually hosts the Nannup Music Festival, and an Arts Festival as well as a Flower and Garden Festival which attract visitors from far and wide. For more information visit the Everything Nannup website

There are many magnificent bushwalking opportunities in the Nannup area. One can meander along the Blackwood River when following the Foreshore Trail. Nannup's heritage shines through when looking at the Blackwood River Bridge.
An Arboretum was planted in 1926 and it is amazing to see how the trees have grown in that time.

There are wildflowers aplenty in spring, and birdlife can be observed all year round.

Nannup is also apart of the Jarrahwood - Manjimup Munda Biddi Trail section. After crossing Vasse Highway several times you will arrive at the 115 metre-long Blackwood River Rail Bridge; at the south-east end flood-level markers can be seen on a large tree next to the river. This signals your approach to Nannup, from here the Trail takes you a further 37km to the half-way point of the Munda Biddi; the historic mill town of Donnelly River Villiage.


The town of Nannup is situated right on the Blackwood river, come take a hike along the 2.5 km Nannup Riverside Walk and explore the beauty.

Take a walk through the Nannup Rail Trails and the old Timberline Trail going for 22 km.

Are you a fan of wild flowers? This is the trail for you! Explore the various types of flowers that Nannup has to offer, trails between 700 metres and 2.5 km.

Come and have a picnic at one of these beautiful places in the Dalgarup Reserve.

Come explore Sue's Bridge over the magnificent Blackwood River and all its beauty's.

Come explore Wrights Bridge over the Blackwood River.

Balingup to Donnelly River Village | Distance: 60km

Another short section between towns, this section of Track is known as a section of transition. For the first time, south-bound walkers will see trees that appear nowhere else in the world. The jarrah, marri and yarri forests soon give way to the majestic karri forest, the second tallest flowering gum in the world. This transition signifies the reaching of the halfway point along the Track - a fabulous milestone for the end-to-end walker.

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