In days gone by timber milling was a large part of local industry.  In 1909 a railway line form Busselton to Nannup was opened. This allowed growth of the logging industry in the district. Company railway lines crisscrossed much of the bush to transport prized jarrah timber back to Busselton.



In 2007/2008 The old railway lines were transformed into cycle paths by removing the sleepers.  In some sections the old sleepers have been left in place to show how the track used to look.  In these places the trails have been moved just to one side. Both The Old Timberline & Sidings Rail trails use the Old Nannup Railway Bridge. Riders of all ages take part in the fund of cycling in the bush.


The Old Timberline Trail is a 22 km walk and cycle trail following a disused railway line between Nannup and Cambray Siding. The Sidings Rail trail is now part of the Munda Biddi cycling trail from Jarrahwood to Nannup.

The Sidings Trail meets the Old Timberline Trail at Cambray Siding and can be used to complete a 37 km loop back to Nannup.

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