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This route is probably best ridden clockwise (the elevation graph below is for clockwise travel). The route has two busy sections - one along the Vasse Highway and the other along the South Western Highway. The rest of it is excellent. It suits experienced road cyclists.

The road from Nannup to Kirup, once you leave the busier Vasse Highway, is good quality, generally quiet and goes through scenic farmland and Jarrah forest. 

The route shown on the map, when it hits the

South Western Highway, goes north to Kirup

along the highway for about 5 km. This may not be pleasant as the highway can be busy. Ride single file. From Kirup you'll follow much quieter and more pleasant roads, looping back south to Balingup. Balingup to Nannup is a beautiful and fun stretch of road. None of it is flat. It bends and undulates all the way to Nannup. This is the highlight of the

route. You will be sharing this road with cars, and there are lots of corners with limited visibility. Please ride single file for your own safety.


The ride, as shown on the map, is 100 km long. It can be shortened to 92 km. To shorten it, when heading northeast on Cundinup-Kirup Road and you get to the South Western Highway, turn right and travel south on the highway to Balingup. You'll have to ride almost 10 km on the highway, but all is downhill except 2 km of uphill at a 3.5%




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