The towering Karri forests, the tallest trees in Western Australia, continue to captivate local and international visitors with their majestic stands, many over 400 years old.

Bush walking is a major attraction. Enjoy the forests, wild flowers, orchids and other flora and fauna. Pemberton is surrounded by three national parks, the Gloucester, Warren and Beedelup.

There is nothing more awe inspiring than standing next to a huge ancient Karri tree and gazing up into its distant  crown. Nothing perhaps, except peering down from the top of such a giant.  In Pemberton you can do both. A series of fire lookouts were constructed in the top of Karri trees, mainly during the 1930's and 1940's. These lookouts in the treetops were an ingenious way of spotting fires in such tall forests.  Today you can still climb some of these lookout trees and take in the view.

When in town visit the Pemberton Visitor Centre, located in the main street, for maps and information to enhance your stay.



Gloucester National Park is home to the Gloucester Tree and the Cascades which both have many tracks running around and through them ranging from 400 metres to 10 km and also ranging from walk class 1 to 4 in difficulty.

Yeagarup Beach and Lake are part of the D'Entrecasteaux National Park in Pemberton, a great 4x4 experience!

Big Brook Dam is a sight to not see! with its 3.5 km sealed track around the dam with wheelchair access the whole way!

Come and take a look at the 100 Year Old Forest which is a 1.5 km trail at Walk Class 2. 

The Warren National Park consists of the Warren River Loop, also known as Heartbreak Trail and the Bicentennial Tree, a walk trail of 10.5 km and walk class 2.

The Beedelup Falls is a spectacular sight in winter when the falls are gushing with water! the platform which has wheelchair access is situated right at the top of the falls looking over the lake, a sight to not miss.

Pemberton Swimming Pool is a great place to take the kids when it’s nice and hot, with picnic areas it makes a fantastic family area, also the Pemberton Forest Walks are a great way to get some exercise with tracks ranging from 2 - 2.4 km long.

Pemberton to Northcliffe | Distance: 55km

The walk from Pemberton to Northcliffe is well known for pleasant walking through the karri forest. A shorter walk between these towns (three days, two nights), it is the perfect section for a quick getaway. It boasts the famous Gloucester Tree which is well worth a climb - but take off your pack before you climb the 61 metres to the top. The Warren campsite is nestled in the karri forest whilst Schafer campsite. named after Geoff Schafer, is on the banks of a welcome swimming hole.

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