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  • Timberline Loop | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery TIMBERLINE LOOP The Timberline Loop makes a fun half-day mountain biking ride or pleasant 2-day hiking trip. The loop, as shown on the map, when travelled in an anti-clockwise direction, follows the Munda Biddi Track (this section is also known as the Sidings Rail Trail) north until it heads south again along the Timberline Trail. You can ride it in the opposite direction, or skip the Munda Biddi part completely by riding out and back on the Timberline Track. If you ride the track anti-clockwise the first half of the route follows the Munda Biddi Trail. It's a wide, smooth, and mainly straight gravel path. The elevation gain is so gradual you may not even notice it. Keep a look out for some old telegraph poles (marked on map) and sections of the railway line that have been kept intact .At the northern extreme of the loop you turn left and bear south along the Old Timberline Trail. The next 8 or so kilometres is on a good gravel road through beautiful forest and bush beside the pretty St Johns Brook. It's a little hillier here. You'll pass the Sleeper Hewers camp site then a spectacular ruined railway bridge from the days of logging 100 years ago. The track passes by Barrabup Pool (a great place to swim) then Workmans Pool before heading back to Nannup on mostly fairly easy single track. Tap the map markers for more information about Barrabup Pool, Workmans Pool and Sleeper Hewers camp. Note: that the Sleeper Hewers camp has a hut with bunk beds for 8 people, a rain water tank, toilets, a picnic table and access to a swimming hole on St Johns Brook. See the map. The Timberline Trail mostly follows the path of wood powered steam driven locomotives which hauled logs from the forest to the Barrabup Mill and later Nannup Mill. When the government opened the railway between Busselton and Nannup in 1909, the Kauri Timber Company established the Barrabup Mill on the banks of St John Brook near the Workers Pool camp ground and built a connecting railway to Cambray Siding (on the government line). The Barrabup Mill employed 150 men in its heyday and could produce 30,000 super feet of timber per day. A "super foot" is a unit of timer volume measurement - it equals the volume of a one-foot length of a board, one foot wide and one inch thick. The timber town had a school, doctor and nurse, boarding house, billiard hall and post office. Company railway lines criss-crossed the bush bringing the highly prized Jarrah logs to the mill. When a new mill was established in Nannup in 1925, the Barrabup Mill and timber town were closed. Almost everything was dismantled and transferred to the new mill. The Old Timberline Trail follows the path of some of the Kauri Timber Company lines. At Cambray Siding, the trains topped up their water from a water tank at the siding before continuing on to Busselton jetty ​ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE APP


    GREENBUSHES Greenbushes has everything you could want in one simple, easy-going town. Greenbushes is a historic timber and mining town located between Balingup and Bridgetown and has a tantalising history which is showcased around the town. The Public Mine Lookout gives a birds-eye-view into the Cornwall Pit where tantalum ore was extracted in open cut mining until 2003. Open daily, the lookout provides one of the few opportunities in Western Australia for the public to view an operational mine site. The Discovery Centre provides information about the town’s history, including interactive displays and a mine walk. There are various trails that take in waterways, pools and old-growth forest as well as the Greenbushes Pool and Boardwalk, a spring-fed natural pool with a picnic area, barbecue facilities and a boardwalk with signposted walks. Take time to explore the conservation areas around Greenbushes where you may spot wildlife in nesting boxes along walk trails. GREENBUSHES TRAILS Button BIRDWATCHING BRIDGETOWN GREENBUSHES Various A guide to birdwatching around Bridgetown and Greenbushes. Button BLACKWOOD RIVER ARTS TRAIL 1 - 3 hours | - | Various Blackwood River Arts Trail, a young, but growing event that has brought together a vibrant community of artists from across the Blackwood River Valley region. Button BLACKWOOD RIVER VALLEY PRODUCE TRAIL Full Day | Easy | 260km loop The Blackwood River Valley is the heart of food production in the southwest. The region produces one of the widest ranges of food in Western Australia. Button GREENBUSHES DISCOVERY CENTRE Half day | Easy | Various Explore the rich seams of the Greenbushes story beginning with the discovery of a pound of tin in a creek in 1888 through to the development of a mining industry that now supplies the... Button GREENBUSHES HERITAGE AMBLE Half day | Easy | Various The Greenbushes Heritage Amble is an interactive walk which gives an insight into the development of Greenbushes from the time of the indigenous first inhabitants, the Noongar people, through to... Button GREENBUSHES LOOP WALK Half Day | Moderate | 16km loop The Greenbushes Loop is a challenging 16 kilometre hike starting in the heart of Greenbushes before venturing out into the bush towards historic town sites. Utilising a section of the Bibbulmun Track. Button GREENBUSHES POOL BOARDWALK 20 min | Easy | 513m The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk is a short trail around an attractive natural waterway located on the Spring Gully watercourse within walking distance of the Greenbushes townsite... Button LITTLE SCHOOLS DRIVE Various | - | 212km The Little Schools Trail, part of the Geegelup Heritage Trails, is a 212km drive featuring the sites of 25 ‘little schools’ which served the Bridgetown Greenbushes district for various lengths of time... Button MINING HERITAGE WALK 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 3km loop Starting from opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre the 3km Mining Heritage Walk loops around the edge of town. Featuring an old mining tunnel and hand-dug shafts and trenches. Button NEW ZEALAND GULLY WALK 3 hours | Easy | 7km Quality interpretive signs give an insight into the history of the area as you take this easy 7 kilometre walk trail through the North Greenbushes area. The trail takes you past a chain of old... Button WATERBIRD WALK TRAIL 1 hour | Easy | 3.5km The Greenbushes Discovery Centre has partnered with the Blackwood Basin Group to develop the Waterbird Walk. The walk begins at the Greenbushes Pool and includes information... BRIDGETOWN - GREENBUSHES VISITOR CENTRE Phone: (08) 9761 1740 Website: ​ 154 Hampton St, Bridgetown WA 6255 ​ Monday 10am – 4pm Tuesday 10am – 4pm Wednesday 10am – 4pm Thursday 10am – 4pm Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday 10am – 4pm Sunday 10am – 1pm ​ Up

  • Donnelley River Village | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery DONNELLEY RIVER VILLAGE CYCLE There are several cycling options in the beautiful forest around Donnelly River Village. The Pool Road Loop to the north east of the Village is nearly 14 km. The Yanmah Loop to the south east is about 17 km. There is a shorter 4.8 km loop near Wheatley Dam. Tap the map button then the map markers for more information. The Munda Biddi Trail also runs through Donnelly River Village. The trail section around the village has some of the most fun singletrack of the entire 1045 km Munda Biddi Trail. You can easily ride out and back on the Trail from the Village, creating your own half or full day trip. Please refer to the Munda Biddi Trail description in this App for much more information. ​ WALK TRACKS All of the tracks around The Village are well maintained and go through a variety of forests types. You'll walk through a lot of Karri forest. The most famous walking track running through The Village is the Bibbulmun Track. This 1000 km track goes from Perth to Albany on the south coast. You can walk a section of the Bibbulmun starting in the village. Three other short walk tracks are shown on the map. One goes to a huge Karri tree - the King Karri. This track, the dark green line on the map, is 3 km return from the Village and takes 1 hour. Another walk is a scenic route via the King Karri Track to Wheatley Dam (brown line). This pretty dam is THE place to go swimming if you're in the Village. This walk trail is 4 km return and takes 1.5 hours. Tap the map markers for more information about Wheatley Dam and King Karri. The map shows a third 4.8 km walking track. It's the red line. Tap the marker at the top of this track for more information. ​ DONNELLY RIVER VILLAGE HERITAGE TRAIL - 3km Donnelly River Village is a heritage listed 1950s timber mill town nestled deep in the heart of the southwest Karri Forests. Now dedicated to providing holiday accommodation, Donnelly offers lots of space for the kids to run around and meet the native animals, with peace and relaxation for the grown-ups too. A heritage trail through and around the village explores the history of Donnelly River Village. Tap the map button then the markers on the map for information about various points of interest along the trail. One of the attractions on the Heritage Trail is the original school. The museum is now located within this building. Borrow the key to the museum from the General Store and spend some time readinga bout life in a remote 1950s timber mill town, the characters in the community including the famous emu named Bill, and how timber was harvested and processed 70 years ago. “The Mill itself is a highlight of the Heritage Trail. Donnelly River Mill is rare, as it is the only remaining substantially intact example of a steam driven saw dust fuelled timber mill in Australia and is of exceptional cultural heritage and educational significance to the State of Western Australia." Register of Heritage Places July 2004. The mill operated from 1950 to 1978. It was powered by sawdust fired steam driven engines and is the only remaining example of its kind in Australia. The Robe steam engine was considered the "Rolls Royce" of steam engines and is still located in the mill. In 1958 a King Karri was cut down and transported to Kings Park as part of the National Tree week celebration. At the time of closure Bunnings Pty Ltd handed the mill to the State government "for the benefit of the people' with the machinery and workings deliberately left intact for this purpose. Since then, the government has commissioned studies to evaluate options for the mill but currently the mill is in a state of decline The mill and village are both heritage listed and a not-for-profit group, Save Donnelly Mill Inc 2018, has been established with the mission of conserving the mill so that it can become a static museum for the benefit of the public, the local community and tourism in the wider south west of Western Australia. The mill is currently fenced-off and closed to the public. You may view the mill from outside the fence. Search "Donnelly" in this App for more information about the town, and activities such as biking, mountain biking and swimming at the nearby Wheatley Dam. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE APP

  • Bridgetown Art Trail | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery BRIDGETOWN ART TRAIL ​ Bridgetown has long provided both a home and a haven to artists and creators of all types. Some of them have become well known, but there are talented and accomplished artists masquerading as shop-owners, hairdressers, mechanics, teachers, neighbours and the smiling faces you see along Hampton Street daily. The Bridgetown Art Trail was conceived with the goal of bringing the art created in our community to the public. ​ Existing art pieces have been joined by new installations, creating a trail of artworks along a four kilometre stretch of Bridgetown’s streets. This booklet is designed to aid trail-goers in finding, interpreting and enjoying the exhibits and contains information on each installation and its creator. ​ Several installations - Lifecycle, @ Home, Kaleidoscope and Francis - were initiated due to a generous bequest by Dr Henry Schapper. A renowned academic and author, Schapper introduced the field of Agricultural Economics to Western Australia and transformed the way farmers manage their farm. ​ A former resident, Schapper left a generous bequest to Artsource for the development of public art in Bridgetown. In 2013, Artsource began the process to commission a number of artworks for the town which would reflect the community and the natural environment. Concepts for the pieces were drawn from the passion Dr Schapper held for the town and surrounding countryside, sustainable farming, and the tight knit community he joined in his retirement from academic life. These pieces formed the basis of today’s art trail. ​ The Bridgetown Art Trail is a dynamic, ongoing project. New pieces will be added and the trail will continue to grow, reflecting the history and future of our evolving community as time goes on. The Art Trail was officially launched as part of Bridgetown’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 2018. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • WBSR | Steve's Road Stopover

    STEVE'S ROAD STOPOVER Previous INFORMATION View Road Map LOCATION NEXT CAMP PREVIOUS CAMP FACILITIES Steve’s Road Shannon Campsite - 27.4km CAMP OTHER DETAILS Always Open NO Telstra phone signal at campsite. ​ None - self sufficient To end of route (Camfield, Broke Inlet): 26.6km Next

  • Hester Forest | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery HESTER FOREST OLD ABATTOIR WALK - 2 hours The Old Abattoir walk trail is 5.4km from Bridgetown centre on the Bridgetown Boyup Brook Road. The area has been extensively logged however is now protected by Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions as a Reserve. The abattoir was opened in 1942 by Maurice Glancy and was later sold to Roland Blechynden in 1968 however was closed in 1970. Historical remnants of the Old Abattoir can be seen along the trail. ​ A combination of these three tracks enables walkers to join the shorter and longer tracks along the route. A directional map is located at the intersections to provide walkers with these options. ​ DOWNLOAD MAP WANDOO VALLEY - 1-3.7km The Wandoo Valley walk trail is 8.2km from Bridgetown centre. To access, drive along Winnejup Road and turn down the power line corridor, parking at entrance to Wandoo Walk. The area has been extensively logged however is now protected by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, as a reserve. The area is now a reforested environment with jarrah, marri, and wandoo trees. Other areas along the trail include low shrub clearings scattered with wildflowers. ​ There are some examples of old jarrah and marri trees that were not logged due to their perceived poor quality timber and these now offer many tree hollows providing shelters and nesting sites for birds and possums. There are three loops along the Wandoo Walk. The orientation map at the commencement of the track highlights each of the loops. ​ ​ DOWNLOAD MAP RIDGE WALK From Winnejup Rd trun right into Elwin Rd. Keep a look out for the Walk number 3 sign on your left hand side, park the car just beyond the sign. See below for map. TEN KILOMETRE WALK Drive up Bridgetown Boyup Brook Rd to Taylor Rd (on right just opposite Whittels Rd). Drive 0.9km down Taylors Rd a, park and follow the track alonside the farms. Leave the trail at the end of the gravel pit and walk along its eastern boundary. Follow the signs to pick up the new trail to Break -O-Day Rd.


    BALINGUP Surrounded by rolling hills, forests and orchards and is renowned for its spring blossom, amazing autumn colours and misty winter mornings, Balingup is one of the prettiest towns in the region. Balingup is a magical combination of stunning, natural beauty, cosy cafes, and is an ideal town in which to base yourself to explore the region as it is surrounded by vast expanses of native forest interspersed with orchards, vineyards and farmland. Let Balingup awaken your senses with the changing seasons; smell the clean air, the fresh cut hay and the eucalyptus forest after rain. Hear the cockatoos, kookaburras and the frogs as day fades to night. See the kangaroos in the golden light or the jewel like colours of autumn leaves. Feel the cool misty mornings and warm winter fires. Taste a crisp, juicy apple fresh from the orchard. Drive the Villages in the Valley Road Trip , enjoy the Magic Oak Wood Walk in the magnificent Golden Valley Tree Park or visit local producers on the Blackwood River Valley Food & Bever Trail, Balingup invites you to experience the magic. BALINGUP TRAILS Button BLACKWOOD RIVER ARTS TRAIL Blackwood River Arts Trail, a young, but growing event that has brought together a vibrant community of artists from across the Blackwood River Valley region. 1 - 3 hours | - | Various Button BLACKWOOD RIVER VALLEY FOOD & BEVERAGE TRAIL The Blackwood River Valley is the heart of food production in the south west. The region produces one of the widest ranges of food in Western Australia. Full Day | Easy | 163km loop Button EAST KIRUP MILL ​ 13.8km | Moderate | 3.5 hours Button GLEN MERVYN DAM Glen Mervyn Dam is a water recreation destination for waterskiing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. The Bibbulmun Track crosses over the Dam wall allowing easy access to the famous trail. Various Button HILL VIEW TRAIL The Hill View Walk only takes about 45 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace, and takes in lovely views and a great variety of different vegetation in the Australian Collection section of the Golden... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 5km return Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK - BOXERS BLAST Boxers Blast is Linga Longa Bike Park's favourite flow trail. This trail contains many rollers that you can pump, manual or jump. This trail crosses park access roads, please lookout for traffic. 2.1km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK - MR ENDURO Mr Enduro, features all the best parts of Enduro Riding. This trail features log roll overs, steep descents, loose and off camber terrain, large non - rollable gap jumps, with optional B lines,... 2.1 km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK - VALLEY OF DREAMS Valley of Dreams was Linga Longa Bike Park's first trail to be built. This flowing trail features steep descents, off camber terrain, gap jumps and various rock features. 1.3km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – BRYMANS BLUES Brymans Blues is a fun blue flow trail. This trail features many rollable berms, table tops and small step downs to build riders confidence and get a taste of what Linga Longa Bike Park can offer. - Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – COTTON WOOL SOCIETY Our climbing trail takes you all the way to the top, its a beast with many switchbacks. This trail can also be used as a descending trail on selected gravity days. - Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – DEVIN'S DESCENT... Devin's Descent into Madness. This trail features steep off camber terrain, log drop offs, tight switchback corners. The trail features step downs and table tops. 1.1km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – EDGE OF THE WORLD Another Sam Hill special, this trail features very steep terrain, rock features, cliff edges, sharp corners and rock shoots. The trail crosses park access roads so use caution at these points. 1.5km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – HUGGIES This trail features very steep terrain, sharp corners, rock and root shoots. The trail crosses park access roads so use caution at these points. 1km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – LITTLE MISS ENDURO Little Miss Enduro is a blue technical trail featuring natural and man made features and bench cutting. - Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – RAKE N RIDE As the name implies this trail was literally raked and ridden in a day by Park Ambassador and friend Sam Hill. This trail features jumps, roots, rocks, logs, very steep descents. 1.5km Button LINGA LONGA BIKE PARK – ROCKET ROCK DH Rocket Rock, the Downhill specific trail designed by 5x World Champ Sam Hill. Features all the good elements of downhill like roots, rocks and big gap jumps. - Button OAK GROVE WALK The Oak Grove Walk is an easy 1.5 kilometre loop walk through the heritage listed Golden Valley Tree Park, the largest arboretum in Western Australia featuring tree species from around the world... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.5km loop Button PEAR WALK The Golden Valley Tree Park is just three kilometres out of Balingup in Western Australia. By taking a stroll along Pear Walk in the World Collection area you are stepping into rural England. The old ... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.9km loop Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - EMU WALK The Emu walk is a short wildflower walk located on Racecourse Flora Reserve, 2.5km out of Balingup near Mullalyup. This flora reserve is a significant area of protected bushland... 1 hour | Easy | 9km loop Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - KANGAROO PAW The Kangaroo Paw Walk is one of four trails in the Racecourse Flora Reserve, 2.5km out of Balingup near Mullalyup. This option will take around 40 minutes return. Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 2.4km Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - RACE TRACK The Racetrack is a 1.7 kilometre loop walk on Racecourse Flora Reserve near Mullalyup. This flora reserve is a significant area of protected bushland, virtually an island in a sea of farmland. Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.7km loop Button SEQUOIA WALK Sequoia Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park is a gentle 10-minute stroll along a gully which takes you through the North America section of the park. The wheelchair friendly trail passes through... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 0.6km loop Button TALL GUM SHORT WALK The Tall Gum Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, celebrates the majesty of Australia's tall eucalypt trees. Living up to its name, this trail is the shortest and easiest to negotiate at only... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.65km loop Button THE BIBBULMUN TRACK The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the south coast... Choose your trail Button WATTLE WALK The Wattle Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, is at its best from mid winter and early spring when the yellow blossoms are out in profusion.... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.1km loop Button WRIGHTS BRIDGE Nestled on the banks of the Blackwood River, you will find the popular Wright’s Bridge. with camping and picnic facilities, a canoe launch area, and basic toilet facilities.... 700m | Easy | 30min return BALINGUP VISITOR CENTRE Phone: (08) 9764 1818 Website: ​ South West Highway, Balingup WA 6253 ​ Monday 10am – 3pm Tuesday 10am – 3pm Wednesday 10am – 3pm Thursday 10am – 3pm Friday 10am – 3pm Saturday 10am – 3pm Sunday 10am – 3pm ​ Up


    DONNYBROOK Nestled between stunning old growth forests, winding rivers, rolling hills, vineyards and lush orchards, Donnybrook is a classic rural hideaway. Named after a town in Dublin, Ireland, Donnybrook was once the focus of a very brief gold rush when gold was discovered in 1897, however mining ceased abruptly in 1903 after just six years and Donnybrook is now considered the apple capital of the west. We’ve got it all in Donnybrook and the beautiful surrounding region. If you’re looking for action and adventure, we’ve got all the thrills and spills you can handle. We have the best delicacies for food and wine lovers and numerous kid and adult friendly activities. Walk, cycle or roll out the picnic rug to relax and unwind in the countryside. The local dam, tree park, historic mill and seasonal falls offer idyllic spots to enjoy a glass of wine and some stunning natural beauty, or take a drive on the Blackwood River Valley produce trail to visit some amazing local producers and witness some of the most beautiful countryside in the state’s southwest. Escape into serenity. Explore. Taste. Enjoy. DONNYBROOK TRAILS Button BLACKWOOD RIVER TOURIST DRIVE Full Day | Easy | 113km Winding bush drives, lush orchards, quaint towns, tall jarrah and marri forests and spectacular scenery are just some of the attractions of the Blackwood River Tourist Drive. Button BLACKWOOD RIVER VALLEY PRODUCE TRAIL Full Day | Easy | 260km loop The Blackwood River Valley is the heart of food production in the southwest. The region produces one of the widest ranges of food in Western Australia. Button CYCLETREK 1 - 3 hours | Difficult | 8km loop Cycletrek or Kambarang is a private 8km cross country MTB loop available for riders to experience with permission. Button GLEN MERVYN DAM Various Glen Mervyn Dam is a water recreation destination for waterskiing, kayaking, swimming and fishing. The Bibbulmun Track crosses over the Dam wall allowing easy access to the famous trail. Button GRIMWADE TO BALINGUP Various Take Sandhills Road off the Donnybrook-Boyup Brook Road, meandering along what turns into Brookhampton Road. After about 15 minutes you will turn left onto the Kirup-Grimwade Road... Button LIONS FOREST WALK TRAIL 2 hours | Moderate | 5km An array of wildflowers can be seen throughout this picturesque walk. This area was last logged prior to 1962 when it became Ryall’s Nature Reserve. Passing through Ryall’s Nature Reserve you will... Button LIONS SANDHILLS WALK TRAIL 1-2 hours | Moderate | 3.7km This moderate, well defined trail has some steeper sections, with uneven loose surfaces. Commencing at the town’s cemetery, this bush walk showcases some of the diverse history of the region... Button MUNDA BIDDI TRAIL Choose your trail Stretching over 1060km from Mundaring to Albany, in South-West Western Australia, the Munda Biddi Trail is an off-road cycling trail like no other. Every day on the Trail is different... Button PRESTON RIVER LOOP & INDIGENOUS WALK TRAIL Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.8km loop This trail is well defined, has gentle gradients with a few steps. It traverses through a lush riparian river ecosystem encompassing the suspension bridge, a weir crossing and incorporates the Preston... Button PRESTON VALLEY DRIVE Various Head out to the Preston Valley Store and take a left out to Gnomesville. This drive can take you out past King Jarrah Tree, Wellington Mills and the Wellington Dam.... Button SANDHILLS TRACK 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 5km loop The Sandhills of Donnybrook feature an array of glowing yellow wattle in spring and great views over rolling green pastures. The moderate 5km loop trail passes through jarrah forest and is... Button UPPER CAPEL DRIVE Various Head out west off the South Western Highway in Kirup past the Kirup tavern and you’ll find spectacular scenery with hills and valleys a-plenty. This drive continues to the Upper-Capel Road... DONNYBROOK VISITOR CENTRE Phone: (08) 9731 1720 Website: ​ S Western Hwy, Donnybrook WA 6239 ​ Monday 10am – 4pm Tuesday 10am – 4pm Wednesday 10am – 4pm Thursday 10am – 4pm Friday 10am – 4pm Saturday 10am – 2pm Sunday Closed ​ Up

  • Warren River | TOTAL TRAILS

    WARREN RIVER In the Pemberton area is the Warren River. In winter when the waterways are fullest the more adventurous can go white water rafting. However in summer the family can paddle the calmer waters and spend hours exploring the unique surroundings. WARREN RIVER LOOP APPROX 10.5KM Generally the Warren River Loop is a flat water paddle - there may be intermittent logs for the first few kilometres, depending on the water level. Portage may be difficult due to blackberry infestation. After good winter rains there will be moving water which may necessitate greater care in approaching logs, but which will make for a faster paddle. It may be preferable to portage around whole sections with many logs - again depends on the water level and the amount of blackberries on the banks. ​ Starts off with karri forest, then opens out to more open woodland with some farming properties and finally the river cuts its way through sand dunes, mostly vegetated. more info

  • Blackwood River | TOTAL TRAILS

    BLACKWOOD RIVER The South West of Western Australia is considered a high rainfall area and therefore has many rivers that make for great canoeing and kayaking opportunities. In between the towns of Boyup Brook, Bridgetown and Nannup is the Blackwood River. Bridgetown is the start of the annual "Geegelup Cup" which is part of the State Championships Down River. DOWNLOAD MAP TRIGWELL BRIDGE - BOYUP BROOK FLAX MILL ​ This section of the Blackwood River is located to the east of Boyup Brook. Water flow is dependent on season and rainfall. Access points are Trigwell Bridge (Ualling Bridge) and Condinup Crossing. Much of the land either side of the river is privately owned. The section from Condinup Crossing to Boyup Brook Flax Mill can be accessed at four different points: Condinup Crossing, Asplin Bridge, Three Bridges and Skeleton Bridge. There are camping grounds and facilities at the Boyup Brook Flax Mill. FALX MILL TO BRIDGETOWN ​ This part of the Blackwood River was completed in three sections: Stage 3 - Boyup Brook Flax Mill to Jayes Crossing, Stage 4 - Jayes Crossing to Winnejup Reserve and Stage 5 Winnejup Reserve to Bridgetown. There are several access points such as Terry Road, Jayes Crossing, Lodge Road, Winnejup Reserve, Sunnyside, Evans Road Bridge, Nairnup Crossing and Bridgetown. There are several dangerous locations such as the Terry Road access point and Winnejup Rapids. These should be approached with caution. Winnejup Rapids are classified as a grade 3 rapid. BRIDGETOWN TO NANNUP ​ This part of the Blackwood River was completed in 4 sections: Bridgetown to Rocky Bluff (Section 6), Rocky Bluff to Maranup Bridge (Section 7), Maranup Bridge to Wrights Bridge (Section 8), Wrights Bridge to Nannup (Section 9). These sections of the Blackwood River amble along some of the most picturesque scenery of the South West. During winter there are many long flowing pools as well as some rapids. There are public accesses points points along the way such as Wrights Bridge, Maidment Bridge and Revelly Bridge. Planning is essential for canoeists as weather conditions have great impact on water levels of the river. There also some lovely picnic spots along the Blackwood the whole family can enjoy. NANNUP TO SUE'S BRIDGE ​ Nannup can be used as a great starting point for paddling down the Blackwood River. This part of the river winds through beautiful Karri and Jarrah forest and some agricultural land to Sue's Bridge. This part of the Blackwood was completed in three sections: Nannup to Six Mile Bridge (Section 10), Six Mile Bridge to Neville Hamilton's (Section 11) and Neville Hamilton's to Sue's Bridge (Section 12). Sue's Bridge offers great camping facilities and access to the river for canoeing and fishing.