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  • Donnelley River | TOTAL TRAILS

    DONNELLY RIVER In the Pemberton area is the Donnelly River. In winter when the waterways are fullest the more adventurous can go white water rafting. However in summer the family can paddle the calmer waters and spend hours exploring the unique surroundings. CAREY BROOK ​ At the nearby Donnelly River boat ramp you can launch your boat or canoe for a trip to the river mouth. It is a picturesque 12 km cruise to the mouth of the river. Donnelly River Boat Cruises operate a relaxing and enjoyable cruise with great scenery. Try your luck with fishing or marroning along the river. DONNELLY RIVER TO THE OCEAN ​ The Donnelly is an important part of the river system in the South West of Western Australia. It is a picturesque and tranquil waterway that is used for fishing, canoeing and boating. The mouth of the river closes over at times so that the water in the river builds up to higher levels. When the river has built up too much the sand bank at the mouth of the breaks and the river water flowers into the Southern Ocean. The water levels and currents of the Donnelly River can vary dramatically.

  • Dorothy Scott Bushland Reserve | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery DOROTHY SCOTT BUSHLAND RESERVE The Dorothy Scott Reserve is a bushland oasis in the middle of Bridgetown. This reserve was named after Dorothy Scott (nee Champ 1891 - 1989), a pioneer, farmer, botanist, visionary environmentalist and first patron of the Bridgetown-Greenbushes friends of the forest. Walk through the tranquil reserve and see marri, jarrah trees and numerous birds and other wildlife. During spring there are many native wildflowers to be discovered.

  • Sunnyside Reserve | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery SUNNYSIDE RESERVE Sunnyside is situated adjacent to the Blackwood River 12.5km out of Bridgetown along Tweed Rd. The Carbannup Brook flows from the south and meets the Blackwood River within the reserve, which initially was used as a stock watering point. It was vested with the Shire of Bridgetown -Greenbushes in 1971 for recreational purposes. Sunnyside Hall was built in 1921 and was first used for monthly dances. The hall and oval are still used for many local activities including the annual Sunnyside New Year's Day cricket game. Sunnyside has healthy vegetation and a variety of plants, which provide valuable habitat for wildlife. An initial survey has identified 120 species, which include various native buttercups, Running Postman and Native Wisteria, as well as Red and Green Kangaroo Paws. The vegetation is predominantly Jarrah-Marri open woodland with an understory of wattle, pea scrub and native grasses. A number of plants were used by Aboriginal people as food, including the small sweet fleshy fruit of Australian Bluebells, Bardi grubs, which live in the trunks of dying trees and fruits of the Zamia, which requires a lengthy period of treatment to be made edible.

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    BROCHURES SOUTHERN FORESTS Walk Trails | Pemberton, Northcliffe, Windy Harbour WALPOLE WILDERNESS Walk Trails | Walpole & Surrounds TRAIL MAP Pemberton Mountain Bike Park KARRI FOREST EXPLORER Visitor Guide | Drive SOUTHERN FORESTS & Surrounding Areas BLACKWOOD RIVER Canoe Trails MANJIMUP Walk & Cycle Trails DONNYBROOK Walk Trails BOYUP BROOK Walk Trails NANNUP TANK 7 Mountain Bike Trails Network Map RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE Walk Trails | Balingup WALPOLE WILDERNESS & Surrounding Areas WALPOLE & NORNALUP INLETS Marine Park D'ENTRECASTEAUX National Park | Drive GOLDEN VALLEY TREE PARK Walk Trail | Balingup LITTLE SCHOOLS TRAIL Bridgetown & Greenbushes BIRDWATCHING Bridgetown & Greenbushes GREENBUSHES POOL BOARD WALK Walk Trail HERITAGE AMBLE Greenbushes | Walk Trial NEW ZELAND GULLY Greenbushes | Walk Trial MINING HERITAGE WALK Greenbushes | Walk Trial SCULTURE STALK Boyup Brook CYCLE & WINE TOUR Pemberton For more on our region head to


    Out of gallery THE BIBBULMUN TRACK BALINGUP | MANJIMUP | PEMBERTON | NORTHCLIFFE | WALPOLE The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the south coast, winding through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia. The Track is for walkers only and is signposted with yellow triangular markers symbolising the Waugal, the rainbow serpent of the Aboriginal Dreaming. Trail markers are spaced up to 500m apart. They are more frequent when there is an intersection with other tracks or when the Track takes a turn. For more information about the Nyoongar culture please see the various Along the Track pages and visit Nyoongar Knowledge . ​ Nyoongar people are known and acknowledged as the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters over which the Bibbulmun Track passes. Nyoongar people have a deep spiritual, emotional, social and physical connection to “country” (Boodja). Nyoongar people ask you to please respect the Boodja when you walk the Bibbulmun Track to ensure its natural and cultural values are preserved for all future generations. ​ The Track takes walkers through towering karri and tingle forests, down mist-shrouded valleys, over giant granite boulders and along breathtaking coastal heathlands. It passes through many of the most beautiful national parks of the south west forests and coastline. ​ The Bibbulmun Track offers a wide range of experiences, from a gentle stroll to enjoy the peace and beauty of the natural environment, to an epic eight week adventure. Those that walk every step of the way can be registered as end-to-enders . ​ You can make it a wilderness experience by camping out , you can join a guided group , a tour , or you can do it in comfort by staying in the towns along the Track and enjoying day walks in the area. The Track passes through Dwellingup, Collie, Balingup, Donnelly River Village, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Peaceful Bay and Denmark. ​ The Bibbulmun Track is essentially a linear walk; you will need to do some planning if you don't want to retrace your steps. This might involve arranging a car shuffle, swapping keys as two groups meet at a campsite, or having someone drop you off and collect you at the other end. Many of the Track Towns are accessible by public transport. See the Section by Section Guide for more details on getting there. WEBSITE & MAP

  • WBSR | Brockman Camp

    BROCKMAN CAMP Out of gallery INFORMATION View Road Map LOCATION NEXT CAMP PREVIOUS CAMP FACILITIES Krauklas Road Dunnet Campsite - Kookaburra Stopover - 35.2km Shed Yards Toilets Picnic Table Fire Pit CAMP OTHER DETAILS Always Open Limited Telstra phone signal at campsite. ​ FAMILY INFORMATION Warren Blackwood Stock Route was developed in discussion with local families who used the stock route to move cattle around the region, these are excerpts from their stories, their full stories are available at state libraries: ​ ​' ….. we had a shanty hut at the coast which was quite comfortable not really comfortable. It was just an open…tin roof and where we slept had a few weatherboards, slab-boards up against the wall with about a half-inch gap between them’ Anthony Egerton-Warburton Going to the coast was an annual trip for the droving families and many of them built huts along the route and on their land whether it was freehold or leasehold. Some huts were simple lean-to’s with bush poles and sheets of tin designed to shelter the drovers and their provisions from the rain. Others were more permanent with walls, chaff bag beds and a little galley for cooking. Some families built cattle yards and sunk wells in an effort to make life on the coast more comfortable. The Mottram family built a hut down near the Gardner River. ‘Well that was slab-walls and it had a tin roof on it. And our beds, they were slab beds too! So they weren’t very soft. But, you know, looking now, you’d say peoples wouldn’t sleep on those. But we didn’t think anything about it. We just… a few rushes on the top and there you’d sleep there like a log.’ Cliff Mottram. The huts along the droving routes were simpler and usually made from tin and these were used by anyone who needed them. ‘There were two or three other tin huts on the road by the yards which we camped in if it was very wet. Often it was better out of them. They sometimes had fleas in them. Those sort of things, Snakes’. Anthony Egerton-Warburton ​ Old Stock Route Hut - Bev Mottram Previous Next

  • WBSR | Muir Camp

    MUIR CAMP Out of gallery INFORMATION View Road Map LOCATION NEXT CAMP PREVIOUS CAMP FACILITIES Smeathers Road Egerton-Warburton - 29.7km Mottram Campsite - Shed Yards Toilets Picnic Table Fire Pit CAMP OTHER DETAILS Always Open Limited Telstra phone signal at campsite. ​ ​ Family Information The trips to the coast happened long before mobile communication and, once at the coast, the drovers were completely isolated. They had to be tough, self-sufficient and capable of dealing with any situation that arose. Snakes, dingoes, falls from horses and quicksand were just a few of the dangers that they had to contend with. Some families had arrangements with nearby landholders that, if a bonfire was lit in a particular place, it meant that they needed help. Sometimes there was no choice but to get back in the saddle and keep going. Not only did the drovers have to look after themselves, they had to ensure that their precious cattle and horses returned safely to their home farms. They had to be ever vigilant of what the animals grazed on as plants like heartleaf poison and zamia could make the animals very sick. One of the biggest problems for the drovers in the early years was coastie, a wasting disease that affected the cattle when they spent extended periods on the coast. The cattle would lose weight and condition, their hair would fall out and many died. In the late 1930s, it was discovered that coastie was caused by a lack of cobalt in their diet. Coastie could then be treated with a cobalt pellet that was put down the animal’s throat. It lodged in their gut and slowly released the cobalt into their digestive system. ‘the advent of using copper and cobalt was a wonderful situation. In fact, I ran the coast here with me cattle for five years and never lost a beast. Prior to that, we’d always lost two or three from coastie disease.’ Jim Muir Jeff and Blick in action - Muir Family Previous Next


    Out of gallery MUNDA BIDDI TRAIL DONNYBROOK | NANNUP | MANJIMUP | PEMBERTON | NORTHCLIFFE | WALPOLE Stretching over 1060km from Mundaring to Albany, in South-West Western Australia, the Munda Biddi Trail is an off-road cycling trail like no other. Every day on the Trail is different - ride amongst towering eucalypts and pristine ancient bushland, past rolling pastures and wind-shaped coastal ecosystems. Camp in purpose-built shelters, or stay in the trail towns along the way. Ride the the Trail for an hour, a day, overnight, or the ultimate Munda Biddi experience, the End to End The Munda Biddi Trail is a world-class, nature-based, off-road cycling experience. From Mundaring to Albany, the Trail traces a 1000km track through undeveloped natural habitat. ​ Your experience on the Trail will be greatly enhanced with preparation, planning and some knowledge of the basic principles of cycling fitness, gear, technique and safety. You can find useful and important information on the Trip Planning pages. ​ Riding the Trail can be exhilarating, but can also be difficult in some sections. The most essential element to enjoying your Trail experience is to plan a ride that is suitable for your fitness and skill level. While much of the Trail terrain is gently undulating, there are some challenging sections and cyclists should prepare for this. Be sure to start with small journeys and increase the kilometres as your fitness increases. ​ The time it takes to complete each section will depend on your fitness, skill level and whether you are carrying camping gear. Unlike cycling and touring on sealed roads, cycling off-road is different because the trail surfaces vary. You will need to allow for more time when you plan your trip. As a guide, if you can usually ride 80km a day on sealed roads or bike paths, you should only aim to cycle 40-50km off-road. ​ The Parks and Wildlife Services have developed free digital map files of the Munda Biddi Trail. It’s recommended to use these in conjunction with the hardcopy maps. Do not rely purely on any electronic equipment – batteries might go flat, the device may fail or break, and can be unreliable in areas of little to no network coverage. In addition, the digital maps do not include any trail diversions that may be constructed. ​ Check the Parks and Wildlife website for any trail diversions, closures, prescribed burns and current trail conditions before and during your adventure. These realignments are developed for your safety. Each diversion will be marked and there will be signage placed at either end on the Trail. WEBSITE & MAP

  • Bridgetown - In Town | TOTAL TRAILS

    Out of gallery BRIDGETOWN - IN TOWN BRIDGETOWN HERITAGE WALK - 2KM Bridgetown was originally called Geegelup, probably taken from the local Aboriginal term for the fresh water crustaceans found in the local brook. The local tribe called these 'guglies' and incorporated them into their diet. Other people changed this term to 'gilgies'. The town was proclaimed on 9 June 1868 as Bridgetown. John Allnutt wrote to the colony's authorities requesting that the town be called Bridgetown because the ship Bridgetown loaded the town's wool at Bun bury and due to the bridge crossing the Blackwood River. This walk allows you to take a step back in time and view some of Bridgetown's heritage buildings, some dating back over 100 years. An information booklet with detailed descriptions of each location is available from the Bridgetown Visitor Centre. ​ DOWNLOAD MAP OLD RECTORY TRAIL - 1.5KM The Old Rectory Trail runs approximately 1km to the west of the iconic Bridgetown timber bridge along the picturesque Blackwood River. This walk trail was originally used by the Anglican Parish Priests when the 'Old Rectory' was located at the end of the trail as the means of linking 'home' to 'work'. The historic (100 year old) St Paul's Anglican Church is located in the Bridgetown town site at the opposite end of the trail, across the bridge. The 'Old Rectory' is now privately owned property, so walkers cannot enter the Rectory itself, but instead can retrace their footsteps back along the trail or access a loop link and return to the timber bridge along the service road adjacent to the Brockman Highway. This affords the walker the opportunity to view the public art sculpture at the southern end of the Bridge. This piece of artwork symbolises the water drop - water being an element integral to environmental sustainability. This walk connects to the River Park. Caution should be taken during winter as the river can flood parts of the trail. ​ ​ DOWNLOAD MAP BLACKWOOD RIVE WALK - 5.7 - 6.2km The Blackwood River Walk features a unique boardwalk detour which runs through native bush and wetland areas. The walk trail traverses 3.1km along the picturesque Blackwood River and crosses the river over a unique suspension bridge which spans 8 meters across the waterway. The trail and boardwalk can be accessed from the family friendly River Park and at the bottom of Grey's Hill. Canoe and kayak hire is available (through the Bridgetown Caravan Park) with the equipment located at the end of the southern board walk. ​ The full 8km loop provides entry point access and direction to the river from various starting points and passes through the historically listed residential areas of Bridgetown. The topography in Bridgetown can be quite steep, so there are some great 'heart starter' hills on this trail. The section of the trail that traverses bushland, along the river is slightly undulating with terrain not as steep as some of the residential sections of the trail. ​ The trail is popular with local dog walkers, joggers and cyclists. You may also shre the trail with horse riders. DOWNLOAD MAP SOMME CREEK FITNESS TRAIL The Somme Creek Fitness Trail is an outdoor resistance training area which includes six stations of fitness equipment designed to target the whole body and get you into shape. Use them all or pick and choose. A description outlining correct use accompanies each piece of equipment. A 5-10 minute walk along the path is a great way to warm up and cool down after a workout. The fitness trail connects with the art trail to complete the loop at the Library car park. ​ Always stand clear of fitness equipment when observing others. It is recommended that children under 12 years of age don't use the equipment without adult supervision. Somme Creek is a revegetated wetland area with native flora which attracts local fauna. This walk trail also provides access to the Bridgetown Library, Skate Park, Bridgetown Swimming Pool and Bridgetown Leisure Centre. DOWNLOAD MAP MASLIN RESERVE - 3km Maslin Reserve is 49 ha of bushland located just a short drive out of Bridgetown, along Peninsula Rd. The Reserve is surrounded by land cleared for housing and farming. The Reserve was created in 1923 as 'timber for settlers'. Timber was taken and so was gravel, leaving the Reserve extensively damaged. In the 1960 all remaining, mature timber was cut down and sawn at a mill on Peninsula Rd. Mature marris were left and are now the only tall trees. Despite the damage sustained by logging and the removal of gravel and environmental studied carrie out in 1990 found that the Reserve contained over 160 plant species. Locals campaigned to retain a reserve, with the land being vested in local Shire in 1993.Understory plants trigger plants, orchids, peas, wattles, native buttercups and small perennial herbs, native grasses and sedges. There are many wildflowers to see in season and a large variety of birdlife.

  • WALK / RUN

    WALK / RUN Exploring on foot is one of the best ways to discover our region and we have a range of trails to suit everyone. Walking is an all-year-round activity and a fantastic way to see the ever-changing landscapes of our region. The Southern Forests and Valleys region has an array of walk trails that offer the opportunity to explore native bushland, tall forests, sandy beaches, rocky escarpments and tranquil waterfalls. There’s no better way to discover the splendour and natural beauty of our region. In Winter the rivers and waterfalls are at their peak and in Spring the wildflowers bring colour and excitement to the undergrowth. Wildlife can be observed all year around and, depending on where you go, you can explore the history and heritage of our towns on one of several easy walk pathways and trails. OUR WALK / RUN TRAILS Button 100 YEAR FOREST Cleared in the 1860s for a wheat crop, this forest was left for nature to reclaim after a bush fire in 1870s. 25 mins | 1km | Easy Button ANCIENT EMPIRE WALK The Ancient Empire walk is an easy interpretative trail located at the well-known Valley of the Giants in the Walpole Nornalup National Park Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 450 loop Button ANUNUKA This well defined loop takes in some of the area's most beautiful homes and great views from the top of Karri Street. This loop also links up with the new path from Manjimup to King Jarrah. 45 mins | Easy | 3.4km loop Button BARDI CREEK TRAIL The Bardi Creek Trail leaves from the back of the Northcliffe Pioneer Museum in the centre of town. Through the coastal swamp vegetation, this trail will take you back to town. Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.4km Button BARRABUP POOL A beautiful natural pool within St John Brook, Barrabup is the perfect place to enjoy the serenity of the beautiful views or take a swim on a warm summer’s day. Various Button BEEDALUP FALLS LOOP Pack your bird field guide and head for these falls in Beedelup National Park. The 4.5 km moderately hard Beedelup Loop Walk meanders through karri forest via Karri Valley Resort and... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 4.5km loop Button BICENTENNIAL TRAIL, BOYUP BROOK The easy six kilometre Bicentennial Walk traverses the town boundary of Boyup Brook. It passes through bush reserves, along the banks of the Blackwood River and the Boyup Brook. 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 6km loop Button BIG BROOK DAM The sealed 4km Big Brook Dam Walk Track follows the shores of the dam allowing stroller and wheelchair access, and is is also deal for cycling. 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 4.2km loop Button BIRDWATCHING BRIDGETOWN GREENBUSHES A guide to birdwatching around Bridgetown and Greenbushes. Various Button BLACKWOOD RIVER TOURIST WALK This trail starts at the Blackwood River Park and is straightforward as it follows the river. You can do 6km return, or up to 8km if you include Bridgetown streets 1 - 3 hours | Easy |6km Button BLACKWOOD RIVER WALK TRAIL This easy walking trail follows the Blackwood River as it flows through town. It offers 3 canoe drop-in points so can be used to canoe the river... 60-90min | Easy | 5km Button BOORARA TREE & LANE POOLE FALLS WALK Venture into wild forest on this 5km moderate walk trail linking the Boorara Tree recreation site with Lane Poole Falls. Wander towards through mixed karri and marri forest which changes to... 1-2 hours | Moderate | 4.8km return Button BOYUP BROOK HERITAGE TRAIL Maps are available at the Boyup Brook Information Centre detailing significant sites of early Boyup Brook. As you take a leisurely stroll along the trail, brass plaques give a brief history of each site. Various | Easy | - Button BOYUP BROOK SCULTURE STALK Stroll the streets of Boyup Brook and discover an outdoor gallery of amazing art and sculpture's. Various Button BRIDGE TRAIL (SKELETON BRIDGE) This multi-use (horse/cycle/walk) trail starts behind the old railway station near the beginning of the trail to the ‘Boyup Brook Billabong’ and shares the path with the Bicentennial Walk Trail along... 1.5 hours | Easy | 5km return Button BRIDGETOWN HERITAGE TRAIL The Town Heritage Walk is an easy stroll that can take hours depending on how many shops, cafes and bars you stop at. Both sides of Hampton Street are lined with historic buildings... 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 2.4km Button BRIDGETOWN JARRAH PARK Easily accessible Bridgetown Jarrah Park is a must do for anybody interested in immersing themselves in nature. There are four well-marked leafy walking trails generally easy in degree of difficulty. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 6km loop Button CALDYANUP TRAIL, MT FRANKLAND The Caldyanup Trail is a moderate 1.6 kilometre loop trail around the base of the granite mass in Mount Frankland National Park near Walpole. This lovely trail winds through one of the best... 1-3 hours | Moderate | 1.6km Button CIRCULAR POOL WALK You can picnic, marron in season, canoe, take photos or simply breathe in the fresh air. Circular Pool is a popular picnic spot on the Frankland River with rapids in the winter and a large, tranquil pool… 30 mins | Easy | 750 return Button COALMINE BEACH HERITAGE TRAIL, This easy six kilometre return trail runs from Walpole Nornalup Visitor Centre to the Coalmine Beach Caravan Park on the scenic Nornalup Inlet. 2 - 3 hours | Moderate | 6km Button COALMINE BEACH TO HILLTOP LOOKOUT This hike begins from the Coalmine Beach recreation area. The first few kilometres of the track provide you with breathtaking views of the Nornalup Inlet. You will pass the Delaney Lookout... 1.5 hours (one way) | Moderate | 10km return Button COALMINE BEACH TO WALPOLE INLET The trail meanders along the foreshore of the Walpole Inlet. You are able to gaze out across the inlet and spot the Knoll, recreational boats and marine animals passing the historical Swarbrick Jetty... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 3.5km Button CONSPICUOUS BEACH TO RAME HEAD CAMPSITE A spectacular walk along coastal cliffs with outstanding and far reaching views east and west along the south coast. This Bibbulmun Track day walk from Conspicuous Beach to Rame Head Campsite... Half Day | Difficult | 6.6km Button DAVE EVANS BICENTENNIAL TREE Test your nerve and climb 65m up this enormous karri tree and into the forest canopy.The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree is the tallest of two fire lookout trees that are open to the public... Various Button DEEP RIVER LOOP WALK This four kilometre hike takes in the summit of Mount Clare, the karri and tingle forest and the suspension bridge on the Deep River. This loop walk will take around one and a half hours. 1 - 3 hours | Difficult | 4.2km loop Button DELANEY TRAIL, WALPOLE-NORNALUP This five-kilometre walk starts at the Coalmine Beach recreation area and follows the Bibbulmun track to Hilltop Lookout in the Tingle Forest. It offers views of Nornalup Inlet as well as hiking among... Half Day | Moderate | 5km Button DIAMOND TREE The Diamond Tree picnic site and walk trail is still open and makes an attractive lunch stop. There is information onsite about the Diamond Tree and its past role as a fire lookout. Various Button DONNELLEY RIVER VILLAGE HEEITAGE TRAIL Donnelly River Village is a heritage listed 1950s timber mill town nestled deep in the heart of the southwest Karri Forests. Now dedicated to providing holiday accommodation... 1 hour | Easy | 3km Button DONNELLEY RIVER VILLAGE WALK TRACKS All of the tracks around The Village are well maintained and go through a variety of forests types. You'll walk through a lot of Karri forest... Various | Easy | Various Button DOROTHY SCOTT BUSHLAND RESERVE Walk through the tranquil reserve and see marri, jarrah trees and numerous birds and other wildlife. During spring there are many native wildflowers to be discovered. Easy Button EAST KIRUP MILL ​ 13.8km | Moderate | 3.5 hours Button EAST MANJIMUP Starting in beautiful Manjin Park this loop will take you alongside two small natural bushland reserves and the East Manjimup Primary School. 20 mins Button FERNHOOK FALLS - WALK Fernhook Falls is located along the Deep River which is one of the main tributaries of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets. It is situated in the Mount Frankland National Park,... Various Button FORESTERS WOOD Drive to the end of Glenoran rd (unsealed) and park before the gate. 1km one way to walk through the middle of Foresters wood and reach the gate at the other end . Various | Easy Button FRANKLAND RIVER PADDLE, NORNALUP A wonderfully secluded paddle along the quiet forested Frankland River in the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. The trail marked on the map is 6.5km making a round trip of 13km... Half Day | Easy | 13km Button GIANT TINGLE TREE LOOP WALK This is an easy 800-metre walk and just seven kilometres from Walpole, yet deep in the heart of outstandingly beautiful tingle and karri forest, the Giant Tingle Tree is.. Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.8km loop Button GIANT TINGLE TREE TO COALMINE BEACH This Bibbulmun Track day walk from Giant Tingle Tree to Coalmine Beach is 6.1 km one way or 12.2 km return. The walk is in the Walpole Wilderness Area, which boasts some of WA's most spectacular... Half Day | Moderate | 6.1km Button GLOUCESTER ROUTE This ten kilometre moderate trail loops through towering karri forest; over hills; down gullies and across hidden creeks and waterfalls. A rewarding and beautiful trail commencing in... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 10km loop Button GLOUCESTER TREE TO CASCADES WALK This 12 kilometre return walk starts from the world's tallest climbable tree - the Gloucester Tree and finishes at the Cascades, a series of babbling rapids along Lefroy Brook. It uses the Bibbulmun Track. Half Day | Moderate | 12km Button GLOUCESTER TREE WALK This six kilometre return walk takes you from Pemberton town site to the Gloucester Tree or visa versa. The Gloucester tree is the world's tallest climbable tree - and the view from the top is amazing! 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 6km loop Button GREENBUSHES DISCOVERY CENTRE Explore the rich seams of the Greenbushes story beginning with the discovery of a pound of tin in a creek in 1888 through to the development of a mining industry that now supplies the... Half day | Easy | Various Button GREENBUSHES HERITAGE AMBLE The Greenbushes Heritage Amble is an interactive walk which gives an insight into the development of Greenbushes from the time of the indigenous first inhabitants, the Noongar people, through to... Half day | Easy | Various Button GREENBUSHES LOOP WALK The Greenbushes Loop is a challenging 16 kilometre hike starting in the heart of Greenbushes before venturing out into the bush towards historic town sites. Utilising a section of the Bibbulmun Track. Half Day | Moderate | 16km loop Button GREENBUSHES POOL BOARDWALK The Greenbushes Pool Boardwalk is a short trail around an attractive natural waterway located on the Spring Gully watercourse within walking distance of the Greenbushes townsite... 20 min | Easy | 513m Button HILL VIEW TRAIL The Hill View Walk only takes about 45 minutes to walk at a leisurely pace, and takes in lovely views and a great variety of different vegetation in the Australian Collection section of the Golden... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 5km return Button HILLTOP LOOKOUT TO GIANT TINGLE TREE Rejoin the Bibbulmun Track from the Hilltop Lookout and head east. You will approach a junction of trails. This is the Giant Tingle Tree Loop Walk. Take the right hand path and head toward the Giant... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.5km loop Button HORSE YARD HILL WALK TRAIL The Horseyard Hill area was used to corral the horses of the first European group settlers in the town in 1930. Follow the 120m boardwalk (assisted wheelchair access) that crosses the low... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.5km loop Button JANE FOREST Appreciate the beauty of the karri forest as you drive through this park between Northcliffe and the South Western Highway. 1-2 hours | Easy Button JOHN RATE LOOKOUT TO MOUNT CLARE On this walk, you will see some great views across the Walpole Inlet. Begin your stroll at the John Rate lookout which is located amidst the Rates’ tingle trees, found only in the area. Head east toward... 1 -2 hours | Moderate | 6.5km return Button KARRI GULLY The Karri Gully picnic spot is located in a grove of Karri trees a couple of hundred metres from the Bibbulmun Track. It is in a large area of native bush called the Dalgarup Reserve. 20 min | Easy | - Button KARRI LOOP This is one of several walk trails in the picturesque Northcliffe Forest Park which is alive with birds. This trail takes you past some enormous trees, which are at least 100 years old, and tower... 10 mins | Easy | 400m Button KARRI VIEWS, GLOUCESTER This path leads you to the edge of the valley. It offers views across the bubbling Eastbrook below. It offers views across the Gloucester National Park. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 0.8km loop Button KING JARRAH WALK Starting at Manjimup's iconic Timber & Heritage Park or anywhere along Perup Road in Anunaka, you can walk or cycle out past the Manjimup Country Club to the beautiful King Jarrah Reserve... 1 hour | Moderate | 2km Button KNOLLS WALK TRAIL This pretty walk trail gives you a snapshot of the best the Walpole Wilderness has to offer. The mosaic of forest types growing on the Knolls is fascinating. Karri, jarrah, tingle, marri, peppermint and... 1 hour | Moderate | 2km Button KONDIL PARK - SHEOAK TRAIL The Sheoak walk is located in the Kondil Park Recreation Area was once milled for timber, most notably from the Casuarina tree, also known as the sheoak. Much of the bushland has recovered,... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 2.5km loop Button KONDIL PARK - WILDFLOWER WANDER This walk is one of three in the Park and is a relaxed distance that should take around one hour. It has an even surface and winds through natural bushland of jarrah, marri, sheoak and balga. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 3.3km Button KONDIL PARK - WOODY PEAR WALK The Woody Pear Walk is a short easy trail in forest that was once milled for timber, most notably from the Casuarina tree. Much of the bushland has recovered, revealing a great diversity of natural... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.7km loop Button KURA KARTAGA LANGA RESERVE Kura Kartaga Langa meaning ‘’Place of Special Memories’ was the name given to this nature reserve by the Nyungar people who grew up around Boyup Brook. The trails are single-file bush tracks... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 0.5km Button LAKE MUIR A popular stop with travellers on the Muir Highway, visitors can follow a boardwalk through the internationally significant wetlands to an elevated bird hide with expansive views over Lake Muir. Various Button LANE POOLE FALLS WALK TRAIL Lane Poole Falls is a steep water fall nestled in the heart of the karri forest. Wander through mixed karri and marri forest which changes to riverine vegetation as you descend into the Canterbury River... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 5km Button LEFROY BROOK WALK Set amid the karri forest about eight kilometres south of Pemberton, these rocky rapids and surrounds provide a place for an outdoor lunch, a leisurely afternoon stroll, or a few peaceful hours... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.2km loop Button LIONS FOREST WALK TRAIL An array of wildflowers can be seen throughout this picturesque walk. This area was last logged prior to 1962 when it became Ryall’s Nature Reserve. Passing through Ryall’s Nature Reserve you will... 2 hours | Moderate | 5km Button LIONS SANDHILLS WALK TRAIL This moderate, well defined trail has some steeper sections, with uneven loose surfaces. Commencing at the town’s cemetery, this bush walk showcases some of the diverse history of the region... 1-2 hours | Moderate | 3.7km Button LORIKEET STROLL This short 200 metre walk in the Warren National Park gives you a taste of walking in the karri forest. Keep your eyes and ears open for purple-crowned lorikeets darting around in the karri tree tops. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 0.2km Button MANJIMUP PARK RUN Manjimup parkrun is a FREE weekly timed 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 8am. Various | - | 5km Button MANJIMUP TO DEANMILL HERITAGE TRAIL The Deanmill Heritage Trail is an old rail line that has been converted into a multi-use trail. It also forms part of the Munda Biddi Trail. This moderately flat, well defined trail takes you through bush and farm land. 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 5.5km Button MARRI MEANDER Starting at the Hollow Butt car park, this walk meanders through an impressive stand of mature karri trees. Slowly the forest changes to predominantly marri. Take a break at the Big Jarrah... 1.5 hours | Moderate | 3.5km Button MASLIN RESERVE Maslin Reserve is 49 ha of bushland located just a short drive out of Bridgetown, along Peninsula Rd. The Reserve is surrounded by land cleared for housing and farming. 3km | Easy Button MINING HERITAGE WALK Starting from opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre the 3km Mining Heritage Walk loops around the edge of town. Featuring an old mining tunnel and hand-dug shafts and trenches. 1 - 3 hours | Easy | 3km loop Button MOUNT CLARE SUMMIT TRAIL A short and gradual 2.4km return walk to the summit of Mount Clare which offers views of the Southern Ocean and the Walpole Wilderness. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 2.4km Button MOUNT LINDESAY SUMMIT TRAIL In the height of spring, this is just a magical place to explore with a plethora of colour, lush forest, a beautiful river and 360 degree views to rival that of the Porongurups and Stirling Range 3-5 hours | Moderate | 9.9km return Button MOUNT PINGERUP WALK TRAIL The 5.5km, moderately difficult Mount Pingerup Walk Trail, is steep in places and offers spectacular views of Broke Inlet, the Southern Ocean and the surrounding D'Entrecasteaux National Park from... 1 - 3 hours | Difficult | 5.5km Button MT CHUDALUP - WINDY HARBOUR Situated 16 km south of Northcliffe just off the Windy Harbour Road. Mount Chudalup towers over the surrounding karri forest. The climb to the top of this 185 metre granite dome is steep in places... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 2km Button MT FRANKLAND The Summit Trail to the top of Mount Frankland takes you to the Towerman's Lookout where there are remarkable views over the Walpole Wilderness Area. While the walk is strenuous the views... 1 - 3 hours | Difficult | 1.2km loop Button NANNUP HERITAGE TRAIL Take time to wander the streets, learn about the history and reflect on early settlement of the area.... Various Button NANNUP RIVERSIDE WALK This 2.5km walk follows the Blackwood River foreshore from behind the Nannup Visitor Centre before looping back through the township of Nannup to arrive back at the Visitor Centre. Easy | 2.5km Button NANNUP SCULPTURE TRAIL Nannup has several outdoor sculptures and art work scattered across town. Follow this trail to view these interesting and beautiful sculptures, and see most of town along the way. Various Button NEW ZEALAND GULLY WALK Quality interpretive signs give an insight into the history of the area as you take this easy 7 kilometre walk trail through the North Greenbushes area. The trail takes you past a chain of old... 3 hours | Easy | 7km Button NORTHCLIFFE FOREST PARK WALKS Several trails twist through the Northcliffe Forest Park, linking up, then disappearing again into the forest. Pack a picnic lunch or something to barbecue and make the most of the facilities... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.5km loop Button OAK GROVE WALK The Oak Grove Walk is an easy 1.5 kilometre loop walk through the heritage listed Golden Valley Tree Park, the largest arboretum in Western Australia featuring tree species from around the world... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.5km loop Button OLD ABATTOIR WALK The Old Abattoir walk trail is 5.4km from Bridgetown centre on the Bridgetown Boyup Brook Road. The area has been extensively logged however is now protected... 2 hours Button OLD RECTORY TRAIL The Old Rectory Trail runs approximately 1km to the west of the iconic Bridgetown timber bridge along the picturesque Blackwood River. Easy Button OLD TIMBERLINE AND SIDINGS RAIL TRAILS The Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails combine to form the 37 km Timberline Loop. You can choose a half day mountain bike ride or 2 day hiking trip, camping out along the way, following the path... Multiple days | Difficult | 37km loop Button ONE TREE BRIDGE It's a fine place from which to cycle or hike these trails, explore the nearby Four Aces (a 2km return walk away) or visit Glenoran Pool 200 metres away for a swim and picnic. One Tree Bridge is also... Various Button PEAR WALK The Golden Valley Tree Park is just three kilometres out of Balingup in Western Australia. By taking a stroll along Pear Walk in the World Collection area you are stepping into rural England. The old ... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.9km loop Button PEMBERTON FOREST PARK The Pemberton Forest Park is a magnificent small reserve of mature Karri forest which forms a striking backdrop to the town of Pemberton. Explore the Karri trees many 300 years (or more)... Various Button PRESTON RIVER LOOP & INDIGENOUS WALK TRAIL This trail is well defined, has gentle gradients with a few steps. It traverses through a lush riparian river ecosystem encompassing the suspension bridge, a weir crossing and incorporates the Preston... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.8km loop Button QUINNINUP - KARRI LAKE TRAIL The Karri Lake Trail is one of many family friendly walks around the quiet country town of Quinninup. The 3.3 kilometre hike takes you around the perimeter of Karri Lake. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 3.3km loop Button QUINNINUP - KING KARRI TRAIL Located a short walk from the former timber town of Quinninup, the King Karri Trail is a walk through the giants of the South West. 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 2km loop Button QUINNINUP - ORCHID WALK TRAIL Experience the amazing understorey of these forests and learn about the ecology of the two forests. King Karri Walk-through the old growth forest. Orchid Walk has many native orchids.... 1 hour | Easy | 3.9km loop Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - EMU WALK The Emu walk is a short wildflower walk located on Racecourse Flora Reserve, 2.5km out of Balingup near Mullalyup. This flora reserve is a significant area of protected bushland... 1 hour | Easy | 9km loop Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - KANGAROO PAW The Kangaroo Paw Walk is one of four trails in the Racecourse Flora Reserve, 2.5km out of Balingup near Mullalyup. This option will take around 40 minutes return. Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 2.4km Button RACECOURSE FLORA RESERVE - RACE TRACK The Racetrack is a 1.7 kilometre loop walk on Racecourse Flora Reserve near Mullalyup. This flora reserve is a significant area of protected bushland, virtually an island in a sea of farmland. Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.7km loop Button RIDGE WALK From Winnejup Rd trun right into Elwin Rd. Keep a look out for the Walk number 3 sign on your left hand side, park the car just beyond the sign. Easy Button SANDHILLS TRACK The Sandhills of Donnybrook feature an array of glowing yellow wattle in spring and great views over rolling green pastures. The moderate 5km loop trail passes through jarrah forest and is... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 5km loop Button SAPPER'S BRIDGE TO FRANKLAND CAMPSITE This walk is accessible from Hilltop Road, then Creek Road where you will park your car. At this junction, begin your walk to Sapper’s Bridge. Note the varied fungi in the undergrowth in autumn... 1-2 hours | Moderate | 6km loop Button SEQUOIA WALK Sequoia Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park is a gentle 10-minute stroll along a gully which takes you through the North America section of the park. The wheelchair friendly trail passes through... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 0.6km loop Button SHANNON NP - DAM WALK TRAIL Starting from the Shannon Lodge, this pretty walk trail links the Shannon Campsite to the Dam. You will walk past the old sports oval and may spot a few remaining traces of the Shannon Mill along... 2 hours | Moderate | 4.5km loop Button SHANNON NP - ROCKS WALK TRAIL The route to Mokare's Rock is steep in places but the view to leafy karri crowns and across the Shannon Basin is magnificent. A boardwalk across Mokare's Rock protects the fragile carpet of... 1 - 3 hours | Moderate | 2.5km loop Button SHEDLEY DRIVE LOOP WALK This is an eight kilometre loop walk, taking in the summit of Mt Clare , the Deep River suspension bridge and the beautiful karri and tingle forest. Half Day | Difficult | 8km loop Button SOMME CREEK FITNESS TRAIL The Somme Creek Fitness Trail is an outdoor resistance training area which includes six stations of fitness equipment designed to target the whole body and get you into shape. Various Button SOUTH MANJIMUP This loop is a reasonably flat walk with a slight rise along parts of Somerville Street. Enjoy semi rural views along parts of this circuit. 40 mins | Easy | 3.3km loop Button SUNNYSIDE RESERVE Sunnyside is situated adjacent to the Blackwood River 12.5km out of Bridgetown along Tweed Rd. The Carbannup Brook flows from the south and meets the Blackwood River... Easy Button SWARBRICK ART LOOP Located in the stunning Walpole Wilderness area, this easy 500 metre stroll takes you through old growth karri forest. Keep an open mind and expect your perception of wilderness to be challenged... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.5km loop Button TALL GUM SHORT WALK The Tall Gum Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, celebrates the majesty of Australia's tall eucalypt trees. Living up to its name, this trail is the shortest and easiest to negotiate at only... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.65km loop Button TEN KILOMETRE WALK Drive up Bridgetown Boyup Brook Rd to Taylor Rd (on right just opposite Whittels Rd). Drive 0.9km down Taylors Rd a, park and follow the track alongside the farms. Easy Button THE BIBBULMUN TRACK The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany on the south coast... Choose your trail Button THE DUKES WALK Follow the blue markers and catch your first close-up glimpse of the karri forest from this short loop trail. Only three kilometres from Pemberton, this trail starts from the famous Gloucester Tree. Less than 1 hour | Easy | 0.4km loop Button THE MANJI LOOP This walk is not for the faint hearted. It incorporates the many hills surrounding the town centre including the notorious Blackbutt Drive. Take in the farm land and great views that encompass... 2-4 hours | Moderate | 12km loop Button TIMBERLINE LOOP Mountain biking ride or pleasant 2-day hiking trip. The loop, as shown on the map, when travelled in an anti-clockwise direction, follows the Munda Biddi Track... Full Day | Moderate | 36km Button TWIN KARRI LOOP WALK This 500 metre loop walk starts at the Hollow Butt Karri and leads you through thick karri forest. This is one of several walk trails in the picturesque Northcliffe Forest Park so pack a picnic and... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 0.5km loop Button UNDERSTORY ART TRAIL Children and adults alike will discover a unique walk trail which features a collection of artworks in a natural bush setting designed to get visitors to look at their surroundings in a new way.... Less than 1 hour | Easy | 1.2km loop Button VALLEY OF THE GIANTS The Valley of the Giants is an iconic region on the south coast of Western Australia between Denmark and Walpole. The area is world famous for the Tree Top Walk suspended 40 metres high in... Allow 1-2 hours | Easy | - Button WANDOO VALLEY The Wandoo Valley walk trail is 8.2km from Bridgetown centre. To access, drive along Winnejup Road and turn down the power line corridor, parking at entrance to Wandoo Walk. 1-3.7km | Easy Button WARREN LOOKOUT To take in the best of the karri forest and the Warren River Valley, follow the trail to the spectacular Warren Lookout, a great photo vantage point. The view from the lookout to the Warren River... Less than 1 hour Button WARREN RIVER LOOP The Warren River Loop Walk is located in the Warren NP near Pemberton. This 10.5km moderately difficult walk follows the Warren River and passes through some of the regions most magnificent. Half Day | Difficult | 10.5km loop Button WATERBIRD WALK TRAIL The Greenbushes Discovery Centre has partnered with the Blackwood Basin Group to develop the Waterbird Walk. The walk begins at the Greenbushes Pool and includes information... 1 hour | Easy | 3.5km Button WATTLE WALK The Wattle Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, is at its best from mid winter and early spring when the yellow blossoms are out in profusion.... Less than 1 hour | Moderate | 1.1km loop Button WEST MANJIMUP This well defined walk circuit takes in three schools, the Manjimup Recreation Grounds and the Manjimup Regional AquaCentre. This is a perfect route to drop the kids off at school and get some... 30 mins | Easy | 2.8km Button WINDY HARBOUR - CLIFF TOP WALK This exciting walk winds its way along the cliff top, connecting Tookalup with Point D’Entrecasteaux and allowing visitors to experience the buffeting of the winds which roar across the cliffs… 1 hour | Easy | 1.3km Button WINDY HARBOUR - COASTAL SURVIVORS Walk along the dunes and cliff tops which link Point D’Entrecasteaux and Windy Harbour via Cathedral Rock. Learn about the coastal plants and animals and their adaptations to this most demanding... 2 hours | Moderate| 2.8km Button WINDY HARBOUR - PUPALONG LOOP WALK Learn about how important country is to the Noongar custodians of the South West along this short, universally accessible loop trail at Point D'Entrecasteaux. Less than 1 hour | Easy | 0.4km loop Button WINNEJUP RESERVE Winnejup Reserve is situated 15kms due east of Bridgetown on the eastern bank of the Blackwood River, at the Winnejup Road Bridge. It covers an area of 27.38 ha, with approximately 1.6 km of river... Easy Button WRIGHTS BRIDGE Nestled on the banks of the Blackwood River, you will find the popular Wright’s Bridge. with camping and picnic facilities, a canoe launch area, and basic toilet facilities.... 700m | Easy | 30min return For more on our region head to Up