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Orchard Walk

5 km

The Orchid walk displays many of the 40 orchid species found around Quinninup. In winter and spring the careful observer may see Spider, Helmet, Snail, Flying Duck, Hammer and Bird orchids flowering along the side of the trail. Other orchid species in the area include Pink Fairy, Cowslip, Slipper, Donkey, Purple Enamel, Pink Enamel, White Bunny, Lilac Sun and Blue Lady.


The trail traverses part of the ancient Paleozoic (400 million years) water drainage system which transects the Quinninup area, and features many gondwanan floral species such as banksia, gravillea, adenanthos and dryandra.
Many colourful species are restriced to this walk and differ substantially from the adjoining forest understory.

King Karri Walk

4.5 km

Hovea is one the spectacular wild flowers that come out in spring along this 5 km walk. Only 1km from Quinninup this walk follows a hillside ridgeline. The area was recently controlled burned to lower the fire risk to the Quinninup townsite. It is amazing to how quickly nature claims back its ground.


The new growth on the forest floor and new shoots on the trees brings new life in the forest.




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