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This bike park is now open! On the Experience Nannup App map, you can tap map markers for information. Tap an arrow marker, for example, for information about a trail segment. The Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park trail network suits beginner to expert riders. These world-class trails are some of the best in Western Australia. The trails range from cross country Olympics (XCO) and flow, to All Mountain and technical gravity trails. There's even an extreme (Double Black) trail with gap jumps up to 12 metres wide for very experienced riders. You're gonna have fun!

Warning. Trails are built to the Western Australian Mountain Biking Guidelines. They are harder than many other places in WA. Don't assume that because you can ride a black trail elsewhere that you'll be able to ride one here. Read the trail type guidelines on what to expect. Do a sight ride first to scope out trails.

The major trail heads are shows on the map as "P"symbols:

* Brockman Trailhead. The main trail head. This is the most right-hand of the 3 parking symbols on the map. It is located next to the emu sculpture.

* Tank 7. At the Tank 7 lookout. This is the lower left parking symbol on the map.

* Galena Trailhead. This is the upper left parking symbol on the map.


There are several climbing trails you can use to access the trail network. On the map tap the parking symbols (the "P"s) to read about the climbing tracks from each parking area.

The trails flow across and down the big hills to the south of Brockman Highway. On the map the highest elevation point is the bottom right of the network (SE corner). The lowest point is the top left of the map (NW corner). A high ridge extends from the SE to the SW edge of the area. If you're riding north (towards the top of the screen) or west (to the left) you're usually going downhill.



  • - There are trails under construction not marked on the map. These are signed and are closed to the public. Please do not ride these trails. Riding closed trail can be dangerous and can ruin the hard work of trail builders.

  • Public car shuttling of riders up the hill is not allowed except for the road on the map with the brown car symbol. Elsewhere there are gates restricting access. This is to provide safety to riders, runners and walkers using the site. Commercial shuttles will offer shuttle access in the future.

  • If you find part of a trail too hard to ride, please do not construct trail to bypass the difficulty, Instead keep practising and come back when you're ready!

  • No motorbikes allowed. They rip up the trails.\

  • Some mobile phone providers such as Telstra have full coverage in the Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park trail network. Some don't.

  • BYO water. None is available in the bike park.

  • There are no toilets, camping, shops, barbecue facilities, accommodation or medical facilities in the bike park. You'll find all of these in Nannup Use this App to find places.


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