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Heritage AMBLE


A heritage amble through the Green bushes town site celebrates the heritage of this historic mining and milling town. Sixty­five historic sites have been identified. A stroll along Blackwood Road will offer the opportunity to experience history by engaging with the lives of the miners, farmers, timber workers and business people from the past. A large thriving community of more than 3,000 people made their lives here in Greenbushes in the early 1900s. Pick up a Heritage Amble brochure from the Green bushes Discovery Centre for more details and trails activities.


Mining Heritage Trail

3 km

This walk begins and ends opposite the Greenbushes Discovery Centre at the Heritage Park on Blackwood Road, Greenbushes, and can be completed in either direction. The trail takes in many heritage mining areas and is marked by a triangular badge featuring a miner's safety hard hat and crossed pick and shovel. A selection of interpretive information signs brings history to life along the trail. 

Along this walk you are able to view an array of old mining shafts used to mine tin from the 1900s to 1940s {tin was first discovered in Greenbushes in 1886). Miners used a variety of winch mechanisms and buckets to haul ore from as deep as 10 metres below the surface cap rock. Keep an eye out for Elias Tunnel, also known as the Mile Long Tunnel, which was developed to mine tin, note that shoring up was not required to support the tunnel. The trail includes a section of the historic precinct of Greenbushes including the Old Courthouse, Gaol and Police Station {now the school library). Included along this walk trail is the mine lookout where walkers can view the Cornwall Pit {open 8am to 5pm daily). 




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