Town of Manjimup

Manjimup was named after the Noongar Aboriginal word "Manjin" (a broad-leafed edible reed) and "up" meaning meeting place. It was first settled in 1856 by timber-cutter Thomas Muir.


The Shire of Manjimup is the largest in the South West and the town of Manjimup has become a regional and commercial hub. Manjimup has many breathtaking walking and bush walking trails. For more information drop into the Manjimup Visitor Centre in Mottram Street. For a great site with lots of information about the area check out the Southern Forests web site.


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Toilets available in town

Swimming possible at Aqua Centre

​Picnic tables available in local parks


Parking is available


This walk is approx 3.4 km and is a combination of verge, slab and concrete paths. Ecncompassing Anunaka, this walk has only one hill on Karri Street.

South Manjimup

This circuit is about 3.4 km long and is a combination of slab and concrete path. The walk is reasonably flat with a short rise on Somerville Street between Pritchard street and Lock street.

West Manjimup

Encompassing three schools, this is the perfect ruote to drop off kids and get some exercise at the same time. Approx 3 km in length, the walk is both slba and concrete paths.

East Manjimup

The walk from Hospital Ave to Young street along O'Connor is 1 km long. The circuit of Young, Mottram, Brian and O'Connor street is approx 1.9 km. There is a gradual incline at the top of O'Connor street near Hospital Ave.