​Quinninup is nestled amongst tall Karri trees 350km south of Perth and 20 minutes by car from Pemberton and Manjimup. Quinninup's history dates back to the 1800's. In the 1920's land was released for farming and in 1947 the timber company, Millars, established a timber mill. The town flourished until the mill was sold and disbanded in 1982. The Karri Lake was constructed and now the township is a peaceful retreat for many who wish to live close by a beautiful lake.





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This is a 0.6 km (return) relaxing and pleasant walk around the Karri Lake. Enjoy a picnic under the trees by the waters edge and take in the fresh air and the beautiful wild life. The view across the lake at sunset when the light hits the water and relfects off the trees is sight not to be missed.

0.6 km

Hovea is one the spectacular wild flowers that come out in spring along this 5 km walk. Only 1km from Quinninup this walk follows a hillside ridgeline. The area was recently controlled burned to lower the fire risk to the Quinninup townsite. It is amazing to how quickly nature claims back its ground.


The new growth on the forest floor and new shoots on the trees brings new life in the forest.

Karri Lake Walk

Ridgeback Walk

5 km

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