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October 1930 saw a small community of tents, tin and bushpole shanties mark the beginnings of the Nornalup Land Settlement, later to become known as Walpole.


The settlers who came to live in this beautiful and isolated corner of the State had to be resourceful, self-sufficient and adaptable.

Coalmine Beach Heritage Trail presents a glimpse of how these settlers may have scrutinised the natural environment for materials that could be used for food, clothing, sport, amusement, tools and building materials.


The 3 km trail runs from the Pioneer Cottage in Walpole, through wetlands and forest outcrops to Coalmine Beach. Interpretive signs help trail users imagine what life was like for a youngster in those early days. Allow at least 2 hours for a leisurely return walk.

The Hilltop Walk, also called Delaney Walk, starts at Coalmine Beach. It is a 5km hike east of Walpole along the Bibbulmun Track. The lookout at the top of the hill offers excellent views over the Nornalup Inlet and the Southern Ocean. The trail passes through splendid Karri and Red Tingle forest which comes alive in springtime with wildflowers.


The Walpole Wilderness is considered a most pristine part of the State, one of the only places where dieback is not widespread.

3 km

10 km

This is a gradual uphill walk that meanders through magnificent tingle and karri forest to the summit of Mount Clare. From the granite outcrop one has spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and the Walpole Wilderness. Unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see.

The Mount Clare picnic area is a hub for six walks ranging from a gentle 2.4 km walk to the summit of Mount Clare to a 21 km to Mount Hopkins.


he following trails form part of the Nuyts Wilderness: Mount Care Summit Walk - 2.4 km (30 - 50 minutes, walk class 3), Deep River Loop 4.2 km (1 - 2 hours, walk class 4), Shedley Drive Loop Walk 8 km ( 2 -3 hours, walk class 4), Mount Clare picnic area to Thompson Cove 15.4 km (walk class 5), Mount Clare picnic area to Aldridge Cove 16.2 km (walk class 5), Mount Clare picnic area to Mount Hopkins 21 km (walk class 6). 

The last section to Mount Hopkins does not have a marked trail and traverses thick scrub. Enjoy incredible scenery and the challenge of adventure. A compass, GPS and map are essential.

When driving into Walpole from the west, only 5 km from Walpole along the South Western Highway, do not miss the opportunity of stunning views across the Nornalup and Walpole Inlet and beyond. On a clear day one can see all the way to the Southern Ocean, taking in all the natural beauty in between. A must stop area for breathtaking photography.


John Rate was a District Forester and the first in the Walpole area. It was he who discovered a third species of Tingle tree - the Rates Tingle. Unfortunately John Rate was killed by a falling tree limb. Locals joke that the lookout is called: "John Rate! Look OUT!"


This is a convenient access point for the Bibbulmun Track for those who enjoy bush walking.

30 - 50 minutes

Enjoy a short walk through the Jarrah forest to a historic saw pit. This saw pit was thought to be operational in the mid 1800's.

There were many of these saw pits used in the early days by the settlers. The lumber was positioned to be sawed with a long two-handled saw by two men, one man standing above the timber and the other below. The sawn planks were used in construction of houses in the area.


A sawyer was a person who cut wood for a job. Sawyers were at one time important members of the rural community, because many implements, as well as buildings, were made of wood. 'Bottom sawyers' was the term used for the man in the pit and 'top sawyer was the name for the man balancing on the top of the log.

600 m

Sandy Beach is located on the Nornalup Inlet just around the corner from Walpole. This is a great place for a family day out. It is a beautiful picnic spot, great for fishing, and the bay is a safe place for children to swim. There is 1.5 km trail from Sandy Beach to Rest Point, which follows the inlet through tingle and karri forest.


Along the trail one can discover an amazing range of wildflowers. Depicted on the right is a Tassel Bush which grows well in the wetter parts of the jarrah and karri forests. The scented red or dark pink flowers come out in August to October. The fruits are small but succulent and sweet.

1.5 km

This picnic area has panoramic views of Karri trees reflected in the pristine waters of the Nornalup Inlet. The deep channel between the Inlets is known locally as the Knolls and has long been popular with visitors. This is a well kept rest area with picnic tables overlooking the channel, gas BBQ, rest rooms and hiking trails.


The indigenous group that lived in and around the area, that is now Walpole, was called  the Minang meaning "southerners" or people of the south. In 1627 a ship called the Gulden Zeepaerd, sailed along the coast line and named point Nuyts. It wasn't until 1910  that the Bellanger Family arrived at Walpole and was settled by Europeans.


The Knoll Drive is a 5km loop drive on the peninsula between the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets, part of the 20,000ha Walpole-Nornalup National Park.

Walk along the forshore

Bream Beach and Rocky Head are a couple of hidden gem fishing spots along Knoll Drive in Walpole. A short walk throught mixed Karri forest to a secluded fishing spot situated on the edge of the Walpole-Nornalup Inlets marine Park, home to a diverse range of fish species and recreationalopportunities.


Enjoy uninterrupted views of Nornalup Inlet, which provides access to the Southern Ocean. Black Bream is considered a particularly good catch due to it's wily nature. The Rocky Head Fishing Spot offers great views of Sandy Beach and the Western Knoll.


The Knoll Drive is a 5km loop drive on the peninsula between the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets, part of the 20,000ha Walpole-Nornalup National Park.

Walk along the forshore

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