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Warren River Loop

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10.5 km

The Warren River Loop is a 10.5 km bush walking trail that follows the Heartbreak Senic Drive in the Warren National Park 11km south of Pemberton.  This trail winds through the magnificent virgin karri forest of the Warren River valley offering great camping and walking opportunities. There are great campsites sites situated along the rivers edge amongst the karri forest. The rapids of Heartbreak Crossing are spectacular and the Warren Lookout, high above the river are good stopping places along the trail.


The view onto the Warren River are just magical. There are camping facilities and stairs have been built into the Warren River, allowing for easy access by canoes.



Bicentenial Tree

The Bicentennial Tree is located in the Warren National Park south of Pemberton just off the Old Vasse Rd. The viewing platforms on this tree were built in 1988 as part of the celebrations to commemorate 200 years of European settlement. This tree was not one of the original fire lookouts in the area.


This tree was chosen because of it wonderful views commanded from its great height.
The tower on the top of the tree is about 75m above the ground. The first rest platform is about 25m off the ground. There are 130 climbing pegs and the cabin at the top weighs 2 tonne. In high winds the cabin sways up to 1.5 meters in either direction. From the top the views are spectacular, reaching 40km out over the forest and surrounding farmland.



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Warren River Loop