Warren State Forest


Toilets available

​Picnic tables available at Moons Crossing & Brockman Sawpit

Parking is available

Regrowth characteristics are evident along both loop A & B of this amazing bush walk. The understory of plants is well established. Casuarina, Acacia and Banksia establish themselves rapidly early in the regrowth cycle from seed on the forest floor. The slower growing eucalyptus, like Karri and Jarrah, become tall and slender as they compete for sunlight.


Large older trees and smaller trees not originally logged have flourished. On the trails you will notice the large amount of leaf litter and debris shed by the tall trees, particularly the karri. This organic material decays on the forest floor, the breakdown often aided by fungi which are unique to the area. The nutrient rich soils produce, called karri loams, have been utilised for farming throughout the district.

Moons Crossing was used by the early settlers to cross the Warren River. Nowadays only 4 wheel drives can cross the rundown concrete path, especially in winter when water flows over the causeway.

Camping is allowed at the banks of the river. However there are only picnic facilities. There are no toilets.

The Bibbulmun Track and the Blackberry Pool Walk are close by bushwalking attractions.

4x4 access

The Brockman Sawpits are a testimony to the pioneers of the area and the work it took to fell and process timber in the 1820's. Prior to the advent of steam engine driven mills, logs were cut in the bush using primitive pit sawing methods.


The planks produced by hundreds of these sawpits throughout  the forest not only supplied the local demand for building timber, but also became the main export income earner for Western Australia in the first thirty or forty years of European settlement. The work of the pit sawyers was hard, tedious and very poorly paid.

Total length of loop

A & B is 11 km 

Loop A is 4 km 

Loop B is 7 km

Blackberry Pool

Moons Crossing

Brockman Sawpits

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