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Winnejup Reserve is situated 15kms due east of Bridgetown on the eastern bank of the Blackwood River, at the Winnejup Road Bridge. It covers an area of 27.38 ha, with approximately 1.6 km of river frontage and a variety of trails.

Winnejup Reserve had an important place in the history of the Winnejup community, being the site of the original Winnejup School, which opened in April 1908. When the school closed in 1943 and moved to Bridgetown, the old school hall continued to be used as a church and recreational meeting place until it was demolished in 1985. Today, only the hall's foundations remain.
For over 100 years, building sand was removed, leaving an extensive sand pit which was revegetated in 1995 to create a native seed orchard. Unfortunately frequent burning of the reserve has encouraged Perennial Veldt Grass, which is an extensive weed throughout the reserve.
Although Winnejup is a small reserve and was neglected in the past, it has conservation value for the variety of habitats  and plant communities that are represented within its boundaries.  These include communities on the river foreshore, sandy soils and the rocky outcrops. A plant survey of the reserve listed over 120 native species.

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